Can someone explain why women and men do this?

So I'm young, I admit it. I haven't lived long, experienced much, been through as much as a grown adult would (though I've had more than my fair share of bullshit in life), but I have clearly noticed something with guys and gals but don't understand why. One with the way some behave in contrast to the way their girl/guy behaves, but typically another female (no offense girls). I've seen it happen uncomfortably frequently in both real life and here. I see girls ask what they should do to please him, what they should wear now that they now their boyfriend doesn't like what they originally wore, what they should do to look better for him, how they should take things the guy has said, how they should react to a rude or hurtful comment, etc. Why is it always that she wants to know what to do to make him happy? Why does it seem more and more men are just becoming disrespectful and telling a girl what he wants and how, despite how she may feel about it and how rude it may sound? Why is it that guys nowadays seem to think its acceptable to tell their own girlfriend she's fat, nasty, a slut, and bad in bed, with no regard for how she may take it? And why the hell do these females just take that shit and not stand up and say, "The fuck did you just tell me?"? Can somebody explain this to me, because this makes no sense why a female would stand the disrespect more guys seem to be subjecting their girlfriends to these days.


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  • You really are young and inexperienced and have watched far too much TV.

    "Why is it that guys nowadays seem to think its acceptable to tell their own girlfriend she's fat, nasty, a slut, and bad in bed, with no regard for how she may take it?"

    That's not a thing. Very few healthy relationships have this and all the unhealthy ones are all you hear about.

    • I don't watch TV to be honest, I'm saying what I've seen on the street.

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    • So yes, you only watch the drama unfold thus you only take in the dramatic behavior. Come on, that's got to obviously be clearly not the way things work if you only look at the exception.

    • I'm not as stupid as you seem to think I am. I only watch to make sure he keeps his hands off her, and several times have intervened. I don't watch for cheap, and honestly sad and disgusting, "entertainment". I just watch to make sure I don't have to get involved.

      Also I know nice relationships exist in life, how stupid do you take me for?


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  • I put up with crap for 2 years from a guy because i felt he was decent for accepting me when i was really big. He ruined my self confidence. I would NEVER put up with this now but here i am, worrying about my weight because i can't get a date, even after the mammoth amount of effort i have put into losing it in the last year. All... because of a man who doesn't care. I like your attitude. As long as YOU respect women, leave everyone else to it. Just don't become one of them.

  • I wouldn't tolerate a guy disrespecting me the way you describe. That would not be acceptable to me.


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  • Not all girls take shit the ones that do usually have low self esteem