Who else I prepping for TEOTWAWKI?

Who else I prepping for TEOTWAWKI?

Terroists, economic crashes, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, solar flares, asteroids, emp's, nuclear winter, global warming, global cooling, not to mention the iluminati's/government new world order starting by disarming us. Well all know disaster is just around the bend. By ready for when shtf!

  • I am not prepping as I will rely on the government
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  • I am prepping and am ready with my rifle
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  • I am a cow being led to slaughter
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  • i am not...


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  • Never heard of it before so I must be a cow being led to slaughter

    • Please bring your daughter to the slaughter

  • We'll be fine

    • Thats what they said in new orleans right before hurricane katrina.

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    • Exactly. Do u think the government is looking out for your best interests?

    • Not directly, no