I just got my first real apartment. its nice and very big. I only have 1000$ to furnish. should I furnish my bedroom or my living room?

i dont want to do half and half. i want to feel like on room is done. its exactly 1000$ for couch dividers table chairs mural book shelves. which i can put in my bedroom or living room.

trhiung is al;l i really need in my bedtroom is a bed. i like empty spaces. for now it would work if i just had a bed in my bedroom and furnished my living room. however, if i end up with roommates ill spend more time in my bedrtoom than the living room when i have company, so itd end up0 like a bedrtoom/ living room functionally which wouldn't work if all the couch and tables chairs and wall murals are in the living room.

doesn't work to do it temporarily bc ill have murals up and can't move them till i move.

on the other hand ill need a spsace for reheasrsals so if i dont put much in the living room i cvan use it as as stage. but same could be said of a bedroom wioth just a bed.

so what would you furnish first?

given the things ill be getting i think it masks sense to our a bed in the bedroom and everything else olin the living room.. then in a few months if i want anything more in the bedroom, i can add. but i really dont need all that stuff in my sleeping space. unless i had roommates and needed to hazing out in my bedroom. but i dont so i can reserve bedroom for sleep and living room for living:)

thanks for helping guys, i appreciate it. im still accepting suggestions just wanted to say thanks :)
I will either have a living room area behind the dividers in my bed room.

Or behind the dividers in the living room.

Right now it isn't a big deal either way but if i get roommates -probably will as its more efficient bc i don't need two bedrooms- i may prefer things in my room. the mural can't be moved once pasted on without ruing it. so i have to decide for good.

the bed room is 20x18 feet.

living room Is 30X12 feet.

The details are listed under #KDA20 (ran out of space)


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  • I would say furnish the living room. I'm guessing you will have guests round So it's better to furnish the living room as that's what most people will see and base their impressions of your apartment on. The living room is a chilling out room so it's better that it looks presentable. The bedroom, like you said, only requires a bed so I would go for the living room.

    • yeah.. it would be awkward too if when i have no roommates i usher friends into my bedroom bc there's no furniture anywhere else. guy friends might get the wrong idea ;p

    • Haha that too 😉

    • lol yup :)


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  • i think good sleep should be ones top priority, since only good sleep will bring a good day. so the bedroom it is :)

    • yes agree... but do i really need bookshelves room dividers couch table chairs mirrors murals for good sleep?

      actually its supposedly best to have an empty sleep space that is only for sleep.. im thinking bed in the bedroom and everything else in the living room.

      i realized after posting this and looking at what im getting its not necessary for a bedroom unless im sharing the apartment and want to hang out in my bedroom:)

    • you can save a lot on diy stuff for shelves and tables or couches. i´d invest at least into a good bed and kind of go for cheap stuff for the rest.

  • Craigslist time. get everything cheap and 1k will be plenty.

  • Get furniture from thrift stores. You could furnish it all and have money left over.

    • dont want to. I've already picked out what im getting. i picked it out a long time ago before i got a place lol. im just deciding where to put it:) plus i dont have a car so a thrift store would be really difficult. im just ordering it.

    • You definitely plan this all out much more than I do. I just look at the space, see what will fit and stick what I can there. Knowing of course that I need room to sleep, watch tv, eat, get on my computer. Then find whatever looks half way decent and put stuff where it goes. I commend you for your detailed planing, and if we were friends irl I would haul furniture for you in my truck.

    • lol oh thanks. i dont mind carrying it its just that the thrift stores are down- down town so itd be 20 miles or so ;p

  • Bedroom, you spen 1/3 of your life in dreamville, drop for a small TV and a chair and your golden.

  • Get necessities first - I think bed makes that list

    • yes i will get a bed. the bed is king size. white. it will definitely go in my bedroom. everything else im not sure if ill put it in the living room or make a separate section for it in my bedroom. ill either have a living room area behind the dividers in my bed room. or behind the dividers in the living room. right now it isn't a big deal either way but if i get roommates -probably will as its more efficient bc i don't need two bedrooms) i may prefer things in my room. the mural can't be moved once pasted on without ruing it. so i have to decide for good. :)

      the bed room is 20x18 feet.

      living room Is 30X12 feet.

      Other than the bed -goes in my bedroom- this is whats left:

      5 foot high 1 foot wide glass bookshelf

      6 foot long 3 feet high white leather couch metal legs

      3 feet high white bar table metal legs

      4 feet high white bar stools metal legs

      3 foot black rectangular mirror

      6 feet high 6 feet wide Asian room divider black and white square design

      12 foot map mural

  • Cool, i saw ur plan and i think that's cool

    I basically live in my room so when i got my place i focused on the bedroom 1st

    • thank you:) i live in my living room, im going to ensouyrafge myself to sleep in the bedroom though. so ill make the bed yup nicely and make it welcoming then leave the living stuff in the living room... later on fill up the bedroom. though honestly im liking the idea of just a bed. I've grown up with so much crap everywhere. it'll be fun to have one spacious room. with light air a big fat fluffy bed and easy sweep ;p

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    • Lol, i just assumed it was some word i didn't know :P

    • lol :)

  • You may find some cheap but decent furniture in places like Ikea and whatever the US version of Argos is

    But living room first

    • already pickled everything out. i chose it very carefully and id rather pay a bit more for stuff ill like for a long time, thanks. i think probably living room first too:)

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    • no one thing is expensive each thing is around 70-100. it just adds up:)

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  • Probably the bed room a place to sleep is way more important then having a cool looking living room. Plus you could always just buy a little for both so it's semi furnished. Def check out second hand stores garage sales and Craig's list for cheap things that could fill In a room. you could also just get futon for your living room and use that as a bed for now.

    • i already know exactly what im getting. its just a matter of where i put it:) ill have a bed in my bedroom regardless. and in a few months i can add some things. im tempted to do the living room bc i dont spend time in my bedroom unless for sleeping. im not home a lot and if i am i dont really go into my bedroom. course I've never had my own op;ace, so i guess I don't know what i usually do, technically:)

    • Well you said you might get roommates? Maybe if you do they can help with the living room because I'm sure they will be usin the space as well. When I first got an appartment we started with just the bed room and then went for the living room. Of course it's nice for entertaining if you do that but I think a bed room is really important. But it's all up to you.

    • thanks a lot, i appreciate your input. i may or may not be getting roommates but what ill do is use a peel off mural so i can move it to my room if i do and everything else is moveable. so ill start with the living room then mover it later if need be and if not just fill in the bedroom ultimately. :)

  • I'd say your bedroom. But it honestly depends on where you spend most of your time.
    You do not need tons of money to style a house/room. Be sure to check thrift stores, amazon and eBay for cute home decore

    • I've already got everything picked out. im just deciding where to put it. its under #KDA20. can't decide if i want a living room or a furnished bedroom. i dont know where i spend more time bc I've never had my own place so i dont usually spend anytime at home period. but im guessing ill probably not want to spend time in my room beyond sleeping bc i like changing spaces. but once i get roommates i might feel differently. so I don't know.

  • We did our sitting room first, purely so it was comfortable for when our mates visited and we could all chill there.

    • yeah in not really a bedroom person either hanging out in it makes me feel lazy. plus it'll be niece top walk into a place and see someone lives there ;p

    • Exactly. All you need is a bed and a table and you're good for now!

      The living room is where the fun is at! Lol

    • im thinking yes. thanks:)

  • Bed first. Living room after.

  • Bedroom. Duh!

    • but its just for sleeping. i will put a bed in there but otherwise i think living room will serve more purpose.

    • I don't really know your dilemma. When I moved to my first apartment I saved up enough to fully furnish it. I even saved up extra for paintings and wall decor. But if you only have a grand, spend it for a bed and drawers. Maybe a couch and TV. But don't spend it completely on the living room and leave everything else bare. Buy the essentials. Think of what you spend most of your time on.