Question about israel palestina thing?

im doing some research on this palestina israel conflict and I have a question. There is something I dont understand.

So israel was created , was a lot of conflict, assaults one side agains the other etc.. Finally most arabs were driven out of israel and most jews out of arab areas.
Then there were more refugees fromother arab countries which saught a home. The arabs andman, y refugees thought they should go and find a home in israel. BUT israel didn't think so and thought they were the responsibility of the arabs unsure emoticon

wasn't israel jewish? So why wouldn't israel take in the jew refugees?
I dont get it

And so they say arabs thought the refugees should go to israel, but later on I read arabs dont recognize israel to begin with.

dont know how to make my question more clear tho guys. Im just starting to research this and this is what I found online.


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  • Well actually, I really avoid talking about this subject in particular because as a Palestinian, whatever I say, people will assume that I'm biased.

    But Anyway, the story is, Palestine was a part of the Ottoman empire that was colonized by the British empire, now the Jews were always whining so the British empire decided to give them our land because at that time the Ottoman Empire was very weak, they said "a land without people for a people without a land"... Most pathetic statement I've ever seen, a land without people? And what about the 700,000 Palestinians who were kicked from their land by force back in 1948?

    They fooled the world, the excuse is, the bible says that God promised them this land and they are god's "chooses people" ... So according to their logic, just because some Jews were leaving here in 2000 BC, the European Jews have the right to steal our land in 1948 AD... And this is how they founded Zionism, besed on their belief that they are God's choosen people and the funny thing is, every single founder of Zionism was an atheist so basically they don't believe in God, they just kept on lying and whining until they fooled everyone and stole our land and if you say anything about them, they will raise the anti-Semitism card in your face. They created their fake history as an excuse for that.

    Thank god, there's some faithful Jews who stand against the Zionist scum and their fake history, such as professor Norman Finkelstein who wrote many books to show the hypocrisy of the 'choosen people' and he explains who they faked the history and fooled the world, if you are interested about this subject then you should definitely read his books

    Imagine if you were living in a house in 2015 and someone came and knocked your door holding a gun and a paper, and claiming that this is his house because his grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand... parents were living here back in 2000 BC and you have to agree with them and believe what is written in that old paper because if you don't then they have the gun for you. This is exactly what happened to Palestine, they came from Europe with guns and their bible and they occupied our land, killed some of us and kicked 700,000 people from their own land, and that's why nowadays there are 13 million Palestinians around the world and only 4 million of them live in Palestine.

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    • @lulu567 peace with whom? With Israel? And why would we make peace with something that shouldn't exist in the first place? ... Those "peace deals" that you are talking about happened after the Zionist crimes.

      If someone attacked your house and killed your children and kicked your parents from the house claiming this house is theirs, then they ask you to make a "peace deal" ... They will give you 2 small rooms and they will take the rest, is that considered peace? No it's not. This is exactly what the Zionists have done, then you call it peace? Actually those "peace deals" is the excuse of Israel to try to show that it's our fault.

      But it was never our fault, we didn't attack anyone, we didn't occupy anyone's land, from the beginning, it was the Jews who came from everywhere in Europe and committing crimes against us, then they took our land.

    • A typical reply trying to create pity for the poor Palestinians.
      Israel was voted in by the United Nations as a state in 1948. The same day it was declared it was attacked by the surrounding Arab nations. The same in 1956, 1967, 1973. From day one Israeli governments of them the chance to live side by side in peace only to have the Palestinians attack schools, buses, restaurants. Kidnap Israeli soldiers and murder them.
      This has been going on now for 70 years now.
      Mahmoud Abbas the Palestinian president is a well known terrorist. He allows Hamas and Hizbollah to shelter amongst innocent civilians and fire rockets into Israel.
      Israel has the to defend itself if attacked and will continue to do so.

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  • I think something must indeed be missing in the story... Israel still promotes the fact jews from other continents move into the country, until today.
    So one or another way their must indeed be a misunderstanding about the fact Israel would not accept Jewish refugees. It sounds very unprobable...
    The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is all about the fact that before a colony for Jewish people was created on that location, it was Arab soil. And many still have the wish to one day "take it back".
    Hopefully talks will gradually release tension... one day you'd say things move in the good direction but the next one some missiles go up and down. So sad :-(

  • Now I'm about to tell you some history not learnt in the mainstream realm, years before WWII began the Jewish population in Germany had almost all the nation's wealth, but they were also very influential in the arts, films and many other areas of Germany, needless to say the German people were outraged and demanded change, this prompted Adolf Hitler to devise the "final solution" which most people think was the "death camps" but rather this was sending boatloads of German jews to palestine, so basically that's when they first came to the area now known as Israel. I'm convinced this was all linked to a deal back in WWI which might have secured a victory for the allies, but you could research this separately I just wanted to tell you regardless of what people say, jews were ALREADY in Palestine before the end of WWII.

  • Your question is very unclear, not sure what you're asking.

  • People who were living in the land known as 'Israel' right now didn't consider themselves Arabs.
    At that time, the British had a colony in the land of Israel so they pretty much had ownership of that place. It was not a sovereign nation. The allies took pity on the Jews due to the fact that their homes were destroyed and ravaged after the war. They made the decision to transport them over to Israel. The people who lived there at that time didn't like that idea. They eventually fought against the Jews and was driven out.
    As you can see, this upset parties from both sides and the ripples can be felt till today.

  • Another reason why I am agnostic if this is what religions bring to the table

  • Israel are terrorist scum and Jews aren't and if u got any questions ask @yazanAA

  • Yes, as mukheef said, you question is very unclear and I am too not sure what you're asking!!!

  • Palestine is just still upset about Israel being created in general. It's a holy war, not a "refugee war"


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  • Israel was created artificially after the second world war. When the concentration camps were liberated, the allied got messed up with a lot of jews. They could not put them in camps again and most of their homes were destroyed and families were killed. Palestina at that time was an English colony, and since that land was, according to the bible, the home land of the jews, they were exported to regions there. In the years that followed, the situation was reversed. The jews were the terrorists that bombed the English, kicked them out of the country, expelled the palestinians that lived there and created the israelian state.

  • For your research I recommend you look at every peace deal Israel accepted with its Arab nations and the Palestinians, while the Palestinians rejected everyone. You will see the peace deals were very good for the Palestinians. Also I suggest you look into how Jews were ethnically cleansed out of the Middle East. There used to be hundreds of thousands but now there are zero. While in Israel Arabs make up 25 percent of the population and hold the third largest party in Israel.