Does anyone else have nightmares after traumatic experiences?

I've had a horrific three year marriage and I've been divorced for three months and my ex husband has been harassing me, and stalking me. He still wants some kind of control over me. Just recently he showed up at my house like he was waiting for me. So I ran into my house and called my dad. I've been having nightmares ever since. And I've been having a hard time eating. Also I'm struggling to fall asleep. I have to take advil pm to fall asleep at a reasonable time. Has this ever happened to anyone.


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  • ... What the fuck. Call the cops already. The hell are you waiting for.


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  • Unfortunately I am sure there is lots of women in same position ;- I did a google to get a search page, have a look and see if anything interests you


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  • Yes, for a few months after a sexual assault a similar thing happened to me. It's best if you see a therapist, even if it's just a few sessions they will be able to help you find ways to cope with everything.