What are your thoughts on fat people running for leadership positions?

Here are mine:

Fat people are generally unmotivated, lack the intelligence of people of reasonable proportions, and command too little respect to lead. How many famous scientists or rock stars are fat? Not many. Being overweight shows you are unwilling to better yourself and are therefore most likely lacking the ability to improve things outside of yourself (such as the responsibilities of those in leadership positions).

Let the flaming libtards of this shitty "everything offends me and everyone deserves to be treated equally no matter how big of a failure they are" generation flame.

  • Fat people shouldn't lead
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  • I want a fat person to be my leader
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Update: Bards blocked me after breaking under the pressure of having her stupidity called out and exposed.


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  • I think all those things you said - are a load of assets.sbnation.com/assets/477876/this_is_poop.gif

  • Well if they run for the position won't they get fit?
    that's a form of exercise?


  • Overweight people please disregard. You are smart enough to know this is bullshit :)

    • Do you have any evidence to argue your case? If so please share, because that would be one revolutionary discovery.

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    • Once again you fail to actually provide evidence to argue your case, Like a typical 19 year old girl, you let your emotions override any hope of reasonable thinking and resort to name-calling and spurting out a bunch of pseudo-ethical idiotic liberal bullshit to try and "prove" your viewpoint, which is a stretch to even call that retarded mess of words.

      Please grow up. Hopefully it will help you be a little less... stupid.

    • Lmao you really do hate fat people xD you got issues kid

  • I understand where you're coming from. I

    However, I have an overweight friend who is a natural born leader, everyone listens to what he has to say, he's very intelligent and if ever we had to choose a leader, it would always be him. He may not be disciplined in health, but they can be disciplined in other things, depending on personality.

  • Lmao do you have any idea how many fat people are in the Ivy League and government positions?

    • I never said they did not exist. I said they shouldn't be in those positions because they tend to be unable to improve anything. Look at Kim Jong-un for example. His country is fucked and it's people are fucked in the head. Put a fat person in charge of a country and everything goes to shit.

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    • "Put a fat person in charge of a country and everything goes to shit."
      Just like it did when fat Paul von Hindenburg put very the very athletic and trim Adolph Hitler in charge of the country. And clearly, when the very trim and healthy Neville Chamberlain was kicked out in place of the obese Winston Churchill, England went to rot! And Werner Heisenberg, thin and trim and healthy, was clearly more intelligent than Leo Szillard and Janos Neumann. I really can't understand why the German atomic bomb programmed failed with such an athletic person in charge!

      Most of Kim Jong Un's goons are very athletic and trim. Most of Kim Jong Un's countrymen are trim because of the communist and totalitarian policies which were put in place by Kim Jong Un's dad, Kim Il Sung who was quite healthy and athletic (he was a soldier) when he became North Korea's supreme leader.

      And Lanterhill, you are more savvy than I. It seems you've recognized a troll question long before I did!

  • Or they just like cake maybe they like looking fat, you never know but I understand your point of view and somewhat agree

    • I can't think of too many people who "like" looking fat, unless they have some kind of mental illness or other handicap. Any reasonable person will agree that being fat is a generally negative characteristic.

    • Well I don't think it's a positive characteristic but some people honestly don't care how they look 😓

  • They can be intimidating in some cases.

  • I have no opinon


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  • Fat people are stupid and poor leaders, eh? Then explain Winston Churchill.


    Being fat only means that one has poor self-control where food is concerned and/or that they have certain genes. (It is a scientific fact that some people are genetically more susceptible to obesity than others. Look it up. It runs in both sides of my family.)

    • First off, Winston Churchill was the furthest thing from being obese, unlike yourself. He was a fit man in his younger days who had an outstanding military career both as a soldier and later as a leader, something an obese man could never accomplish. Churchill only gained a small insignificant amount of weight that would be expected from aging. A quick google image search shows he was clearly a man of reasonable proportions. I find it hilarious as well as an outrageous offense how you, a member of the obese population, try to "claim" Churchill as one of your own and then proceed to try to justify your obesity by blaming it on your genetics. Typical fat behavior.

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    • @Skadouchebag
      At some point in the future, when you have decreased your weight, would you consider turning the running into jogging?

      I'm no dietician, but perhaps you might want to consider eliminating Starbucks from your diet altogether.

    • Yeah. I'll probably start jogging once I can see my feet when I stand straight up.

  • Why is there no option C : I want good leaders to be in leadership positions and if they happen to be fit, then so be it and if they happen to be obese then so be it?

    Whereas I tend to think that obese people tend to be more physically lazy, they aren't necessarily mentally lazy. The most obese person I know personally is an AP calculus teacher. He is highly regarded by his students and the faculty where he teaches.

    Janos Neumann was pretty overweight by 1940s standards. He ate a lot and he wasn't very physically active. But he did brilliant research and helped win WWII. Churchill was very overweight during his most critical years (WWII). John Adams was overweight. Napoleon was overweight at the height of his career. Ben Franklin was overweight at the height of his career. Queen Victoria was quite overweight. Tycho Brahe was fat AND he tended to be rather active.

    Obesity might make me a little wary of a potential leader, but it wouldn't disqualify him or her outright.

  • Ew, it's you again.

    You do realize that just eating a lot isn't the only cause for obesity, right?

    There are these things called "abnormally slow metabolisms", "thyroid problems", and "gaining weight from medications". But of course you have your head too far up your own roided-out ass to think that deeply.

    Now I'll just sit here while you accuse me of being "an ugly, obese chubby lover" or whatever other intelligent insult your minuscule brain can come up with.

    • I'm afraid I have know clue who you are, but let me correct you on quite a few things really quick.

      1) An abnormally slow metabolism isn't something set in stone that some one is born with. It is usually acquired over months/years of unhealthy lifestyle choices. It can be changed and improved through proper dieting and exercise, so using this as an excuse for being obese might be the most retarded thing I've seen this week.

      2) "Thyroid problems" as you frivolously call it, or more specifically hypothyroidism (the one that causes obesity) simply means the thyroid gland isn't effective in producing enough thyroid hormone, specifically T3 (triiodothyronine). Any imbalance can be and is treated with the administration of synthetic versions of this hormone, so using that as an excuse to be obese is also retarded.

      3) Certain medications such as antidepressants and birth control cause weight gain, NOT obesity. Big difference.

      You're not presenting a very good case here.

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    • There's no reason for me to argue with a simpleton like you. Kindly fuck off, and have a horrible day.

    • Lol this has to be some sort of joke. First you comment a bunch of non-facts because you are stupid, then you copy me and try to use my own insult against me, and now you can't argue because you lack the mental capability to do so. You are a clown kid! You're a pseudo-intellectual attempting to be witty and failing miserably all while making yourself look like a complete dipshit. Hilarious.

  • Sometimes obesity is exclusively self indulgence. Others times biochemistry takes a large part. Nobody will say Chris Christie is unmotivated or President Taft was low intellect.

    • Wrong. President Theodore Roosevelt specifically said President Taft was of low intellect, among a barrage of other insults. Why do you think Taft only served one term? Because he was incompetent and unable to lead, which was most likely due to his obesity and the other underlying issues associated with it.

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    • George HW Bush only served one term. As did Carter... wow fat people, both of them...

    • "President Theodore Roosevelt specifically said President Taft was of low intellect, among a barrage of other insults"

      President Roosevelt also said a bunch of crap about racial hygiene. Don't get me wrong, I like Roosevelt, but simply because Roosevelt said it doesn't make it intelligent.

      "Because he was incompetent and unable to lead, which was most likely due to his obesity and the other underlying issues associated with it. "
      Give us some specific examples of some legislation he vetoed or signed or some domestic or foreign policy which can be directly traced to "his obesity and other underlying issues."

  • One of the greatest UK leaders

  • actually, yes, there are. though i like how you use rock stars as an example. ok... you know most of them are on drugs or killed themselves? wow, winners..

    being a leader is about inspiring people/making decisions. so if a CEO is fat, and s/he makes a decision that earns a firm a billion dollars, does this mean s/he is a bad CEO?

  • Running on a threadmill maybe. Is that why Rush Lindbagh isn't president?

  • Unmotivated? Possibly. Unintelligent? Completely false. You don't seem very bright.