What heppened to the Brazilian National Team? Were not they supposed to be the best in the world?


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  • As a Brazilian, I wonder this too. For a long time we were the best ones, now we're a having a bad period with players that aren't as good as the ones who won our former World Cups. Perhaps we got used to the ideia that we were always the best and we got lazy, today we're suffering the consequences.

    • I've been a Brazilian football supporter (since Romario days in 1994). I think Brazilians got to influenced by European football. Tried to think to much instead of just being their flashy genius selves. On the other hand, some Europeans thought Brazilian football was the way to go and now teams like Spain and Germany play with the flair. I was HORRIFIED at the world cup exit of Brazil.

    • @Scrambled Your comment makes sense. I remember in 2011 when Barcelona defeated Santos and Pepe Guardiola said that all they did the Brazilians were supposed to do and in other words he clearly meant that they learned a lot from us.

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  • they're overrated!!

  • Huh, seems America retook its glory, yes? :)


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