Does anyone else think evolution is kind of fu**ed up?

I'm not religious.

But a question on gag got me thinking.

We all know we need males and females to reproduce but a lot of males are only interested in males (the same sex) and same goes with women too and it's obvious that's its not a chose so why would evolution make it so a speices that need both sexes have different sexual orientations?

Unless males will be getting wiped out the chromosomes losing its genetic material in men in a few million years making women asexual and being able to reprduce in a certain point in their life cycle and evolution knowing about it somehow


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  • Homosexuality is simply a deviance in normal sexual attraction, it neither adds to nor does it take away from the gene pool. It could even be seen as a natural form of population control.

    No one is getting wiped out, because the proportion of straight people vastly outnumbers gay people.


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  • Evolution is biological so results in physical changes, but sexual orientation is viewed as psychological (basically its not physical) and so it doesn't really have an impact upon it, well thats my view

  • Because being gay isn't natural in my opinion.

    • Tell that to the giraffes having gay sex
      and the dolphins
      and the horses
      and the sheep

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    • 😂😂😂 I could say I believed poo was a god💩 and wee is the angels looking over me and you'd still look like the biggest idiot in this question 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Well there's the problem with with overpopulation, so a few gay, lesbian or ace people won't hurt


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  • Hah, homosexuality is the least of your quarrels.

    Have you heard of things like CAIS (Complete Androgene Insensitivity Syndrome) which essentially means you have XY chromosome but resistant to testosterone so you end up becoming neither?

    Or a weirder disorder; Ehlers Danlos Type IV? Where your veins and your connective tissues are weak so you get internal bleeding and ruptures and all your organs fall apart by the age of 20?

    Evolution is a harsh mistress. It removes what it deems unsuccessful.

  • The human race doesn't follow the rules of evolution like it completely ignores survival of the fittesrmt.

  • Just take a look at the ancient Greeks they only had sex with women to reproduce but they only had relationships with males a couple years younger than them

  • Nature is profligate. The best explanation I've heard of for the prevalence of homosexuality is an analogy to sickle-cell anemia. If you get one gene for sickle-cell anemia it's a advantage, you have extra resistance to malaria, if you get two you get sickle-cell anemia a big disadvantage. Perhaps there are genes which if you get a few it is advantageous but if you get too much you commit genetic suicide.