Do you feel like you are entitled to a debate? If so, why?

There seems to be a common mistaken entitlement that just because we are on a public forum, some individuals believe it is their right to occupy a complete stranger's lengthened amount of time, focus, and overall energy in the form of a debate. I'm curious to see why some people seem to truly believe this.

Do you assume that you have the right for a stranger to invest an extended amount of their effort, thought, energy, and time towards debating with you? If so, why?


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  • I think there shoud be a discussion topic so if you post or opine or comment in there you are willing to discuss it.

    • That's a great idea! But maybe if they actually call it "debate" because some people seem to come here only to debate and have some sort of argumentative dialogue, not realizing when others don't care for it.

    • Thanks for MHO

    • You're welcome


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  • People aren't entitled. It takes both people choosing to debate, for a debate to happen. The entitled feeling is within expressing ones opinion, debating happens when both do so ignorantly.


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  • I don't debate to be challenged intellectually or show off what I know - I do it to convince people to believe what I do and if the purpose is meaningless banter and not agreement - then I will choose not to participate.

  • isn't that entire point of this site? Someone asks a question and different people provide input.

    • Uhmmm no lol The entire point of this website is to give advice and help people out not to spend lengthy amounts of time sitting in front of a screen and debating.

    • maybe we have different definitions of debating. if someone gives advice that in know is wrong/bad Im going to say something about it. to me thats debating.