I feel so so bad and embarrassed!!! Anxiety problem, please help:(?

So right now it's 1.00 AM here in England, and I'm on a summer camp with some friends.
I've been wearing leggings all day, and I'm wearing a thong.
So, right now as I'm on my way to bed, one of the people that work there (a woman) came to me and said:
,, Hey, I just wanted to tell you, that your leggings are see through. I've been seeing through your leggings all day, and your ''panties'' are showing. I didn't want to tell you while you were among the people, but I just wanted you to know''

I AM SO TERRIBLY EMBARRASSED AND SAD. I don't want to leave my bed tomorrow!!!
I can't even look her in the eyes after this!
pLEASE HELP? My mother is not here and I feel so anxious about this, I could cry...

By the way, I'm 16. There are both girls and guys at the camp, so they've probably all seen my thong.
And it's so awkward, because I realize now, that that must be why all the guys have been hitting my ass all the time today, I got so confused and irritated.
And now I feel like I'm easy and all.. If only someone had told me!


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  • Aahhh no biggie. Just put some jeans on tomorrow and walk around like u dont give a f. They will still smack your ass they dont just do it because of the thong. boys dont understand all that see through omg bullshit they see your body and your attitude so get yourself together its allright :*


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  • You feel embarrassed because you fear what other people think about you tomorrow. Fortunately everyone is more concerned about his/herself rather than noticing someone else's flaw.

    What will actually happen tomorrow will be significantly better than what you expect.

    But the more you fear about this the bigger this small problem will appear to you.
    People will more likely to notice your fear than your panties. So do not worry, do not fear.

  • I think everyone has had a wardrobe malfunction in their life - Everyone moves on and forgets about it

  • Your panties don't show much more than a bikini on the beach. Don't worry thus.

  • I like to see girls like that, maybe that woman was jealous :-P


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  • She is being a jerk. She should NOT have told you that she could see you the entire day. Its probably not even true. If nobody told you then probably nobody else noticed. Just change your clothes and laugh it off. People won't blame you for something that is not your fault. It's not like you did it on purpose.

  • I agree with Mayce. It's no biggie... really. The guys liked you for you, not because u had see through pants on. If they were into the game they probably didn't even notice. Woman of all ages wear see through clothes all the time... on purpose. Lol so the next time u go out... walk out there like a boss... you own this shit. Who cares what people think. Your a big girl. Remember to be outgoing and happy. Confidence is all you need !