What are interesting topics to write a short essay about?

I'm entering a writing competition, because I promised my friend I would :P I'm not too good at writing, I major in sciences and mathmatics. We can write about anything we want to, but it has to be a minimum of 2 pages with minimal quotations and absolutely no plagiarism. We have only 5 hours to write this essay (though I doubt it will take me that long). I want my topic to be mature and intelligent but also witty and interesting. Some ideas I had were...
-Evolution of food
-Evolution of music
-Economic segregation throughout United States
-Evolution of Racial Segregation throughout United States,
-Evolution of social media
-How social media impacts our lives.
-Usage of Corn in our food industry.
-How schools have changed throughout the years.
-How beauty standards have changed throughout the years.


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  • Since you can write about anything you want to, just write on WHAT you want to write on.

    Out of your list of idea you had, and it's YOUR essay, I think a good essay topic would be writing about the economic segregation in the United States. It's something you can easily write on in a five hour span AND cite many sources as well (since there are many statistics on economics.) I think this is a great idea!

    I'm an upcoming English Arts teacher and I love to write! This sounds like a blast.

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  • The evolution of music carries a lot of things to write about. You could start how things went from all classical (like Beethoven), went it's way to jazz (which you can focus on cultural and racial implications there too), which went to a distorted jazz, and then pop, and then rock. With that you could talk about how recording technology changed, and even when the first rock song really came about. Like was it "Rocket 88?"

    How did we get from Classical to Rock music?

    There are so many things to talk about with evolution of music. I took a class on how rock music formed and it was really amazing how many events took place and how it came about. It also is relatable since pretty much everyone listens to music. To make it witty and humorous too, you can add some of the funny things that happened. Like the sexual innuendoes often found in early jazz and blues.

  • you gotta the corn topic you thought of. I feel like all the other topics have too much info to narrow it down to a "short essay".


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  • I had a similar experience once, and chose to write about the sensationalism of serial murders in the media. Had the media not made some killers of the past so interesting to read about, or had people chirping online and making them famous, would that have had any hindrance on the amount of crime or type of crime we've seen thereafter?

    Just a thought.

    From your list though, maybe evolution of social media. Only because I can't stand most of it.

  • The creation of a dependent underclass through the use of handouts and preferential immigration as a means of political power and vote buying. (Very timely seeing what is going on with Greece. This is what they did.)

  • I like the beauty standards one. That is constantly changing and would be a very interesting topic

  • evolution of food.