Drugs and trouble?

Asking for advice here...

A good friend of mine (Pink) was with her friend (Walter White) and Walter scored some drugs for Pink. Pink is married and has kids and rarely uses drugs (3 to 4 times a year) and has been friends with Walter for 15 years. Walter takes drugs and knows the right contacts. While they were together recently Walter and Pink were pulled over by the cops and Walter was arrested and Pink was sent free. While Walter was in jail Pink had to go with her husband and his parents on a planned trip the following morning. Pink kept all of the story a secret. She has no credit cards or savings but she did call bail bondsmans to try and work something out... but no use. Anyway... since it was Pinks drugs but Walter had it on him... should Pink have done anything different. She did manage to get most of the bond money but he was out of jail when she returned from her 2 day trip. Walter and his circle are pissed at Pink. So... we all know drugs are bad and all that sh1t... I'm not looking for that type of feedback. What's your take on Pinks predicament?



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  • it is Pink's fault if she asked for the drugs. otherwise it was walters fault the whole time. and if it was pink's fault, she should do whatever she can to get walter out. because if it werent for pink, walter would not be arrested right now.


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  • she should not have been doing that in the first place.


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  • pink is of low moral character

    or walter is of low moral character

    the one that takes it and accepts it is the bigger man... he let himself get in trouble he should accept what that means and expect nothing in return