When u see someone is online on whatsapp but they dont see your messages?

I really dk what online then means. I thought online meant that whatsapp would b open, but the conversation in question would not b open.

so... If someone is indeed online but ur messages are not seen (blue) they are with whatsapp open, the conversation with u is closed, but they did see ur messages nd just chose to ignore. Am I correct?

Maybe he can b sure that i will b ignoring him too. Even if it hurts me doing so.


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  • Online means the application is connected to the Internet. Meaning.. the user is able to receive and send messages. It doesn't mean the person is currently using the application. So, you can be online and miles away from your device at once.

    • Sure. But when its whatsapp it usually means the person is at least using the phone at the moment.

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    • Ok lol. I will b sure to tell him u just saved his behind. Thanks for makinh me feel so much better.

    • Lol, it was my pleasure. : )


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  • Yep :) thé blue tick mean thé message is seen. Two dark ticks means its had been delivered but not seen. And one tick means the message is in the waiting list but not yet delivered.


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  • True. It means that they are online on whatsapp (probably chatting with someone else), but did not open the conversation yet.

  • sometimes it hangs. I noticed that a few times on mine. It says that a person is on-line but actually they are not and the wifi or 3g/4g hangs.