How do I go about doing my summer homework?

So im a major procrastinator. I keep wanting to do my summer homework but then changeing my mind. I know its bad to be one but i can't help it i just can never focus on hw in the summer. I get good grades and never put hw off in the school year. But in the summer I get very lazy. Any tips for how I can do my summer hw?


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  • If you set aside time each day. I used to make sure i got up at a normal morning time and do work until lunch time Monday - Friday. That way you still have the weekends and most people don't have many plans in the morning so you won't be missing out.


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  • summer homework 😔 the struggle. I am supposed to read 2 books for high school but fuck that imma spark note that shit. I guess we both gotta be like Nike and just do it

    • Me too I'm being forced to read two books and a huge as math packet and also include citations and there significance. Its really annoying

  • So it first thing in the morning! Doing that will put it out of the way and you'll have free time and won't worry about it