Can someone explain the difference between owning and flying a Confederate flag and the flag of the Third Reich?

So clealry one is German and one is American- check.

But owning and flying a flag with a swastika on it is illigal. This is because the flag has become a symbol of the Holicaust and anti-semitism- hell in modern times, even racism!

Owning and flying a Confederate flag is legal. The Confederate flag has become a symbol of racism and slavery (especially in the South.)

Now, the orginal purpose of the flag of the Third Reich had nothing to do with anit-semitism, the swastika was mainly used as a symbol of power, very important for a weak Germany. I fully support it being iliigal though, because it has become more a symbol of anit-semitism than German pride, in fact it is now German shame.

The original symbol of the Confederate flag (which wasn't even the flag of the Confederacy mind you) was a symbol of state rights and the American South's sepratism- all true. But being associeted with the South's sepreatism and state rights is funadamentally tied to slavery, regardless of what people believed they were fighting for back then. It was the state's right to own slaves. Just as the symbol of being a Nazi was once a proud and honerable thing for many Germans, now it is shameful and anti-semetic.

Germans and Germany hold the responsability for their atrauscites very well, why is the American South throwing such a fit over it? As a Northerner, I learned all about slavery, which was not just a problem in the South by any means. Yet, Southerners and southern schools especially, are being forced to sideline Southern race structures and mainly teach the whole conflict and flag as pertaining more to State's rights (which as mentioned, was the right to own slaves...).

All I am saying is, the laws that forbid the ownership and flying of a Third Reich flag, should pertain to the Confederate flag as well.

Go ahead, bring on the hate now...

Sorry, I had no idea the third Reich flag was legal in the US, I knew it was illegal in pretty much every other Western Country though... how sad, but yes I was wrong on that it seems...


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  • The Third Reich flag is illegal in Germany; but it is perfectly legal to own and fly in the United States. It is just in really bad taste and would cause a lot of complaints by neighbors. Sad thing is a swastika itself was a very good symbol until the Nazis tarnished its image by using it. I own a Nazi flag that my step-grandfather brought back to the US after fighting in WW2 but would never think to fly it. It is disrespectful to everyone who lost their lives in that fight.
    I personally don't see any difference in the two flags. They are both pieces of history that played a roll in making the world the one we lived in today. How you present them is what determines if it is appropriate or not. Have it among all your Civil War artifacts or use it to Indicate you are a southerner and there is nothing offense about that flag. Put it in the back of your truck and drive around yelling racial slurs and being a menace to society, and yes people have a right to be offended. I'm from the north and that flag has offended me only one time: it was on the wall of a guy I was seeing and it was quite evident by him and his roommates that it was there to promote hatred and race supremacy. I stopped seeing him because of it. It wasn't the flag itself, but the intentions of the flyer.

    • Thank you. I agree a lot with you on this. I am an historian I agree we need to preserve it, good or bad, but not in such a... living... way.

      My roommate tried to put it up but I made him take it down. He was racist as well. I had a friend that was black at the time and he would just ignore him...

      But yes, good for you, this is well written and said.

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    • I agree on that too. I don't like people of my own party who can't back their beliefs up with solid ideas and thoughts. "The Bible says" does not count as evidence lol.

    • Liberals can say some dumb stuff too, and there really are 'bleeding hearts'. I always think the republicans do so much more if they dropped all that bible stuff...


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  • You can fly a nazi flag in America and its not illegal but the way and secondly if we choose to put a Confederate flag on the wip intina of a truck and ride around town that is my right and the flag did not stand for slavery it stands for southern pride and its not racism in any way either buy the way did u know that all of the slave ships flew under the American flag not the Confederate flag read a history book

    • Again, the formation of the US was not of a purpose to keep slavery alive, it has many dark moments in it's history, but the Confederate flag had one goal, which was to keep slavery alive. Southern pride? Of what exactly? Treason against the United States and the oppression of slaves?

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    • What about the white people living in these cultures and 'white trash'? they have tons of children and can't support them either. You just see the correlation with skin color because so many more blacks are poorer than whites, which in my opinion is due to racism and still recovering from slavery.

      If you lived in poverty and had such a lack of government sponsored contraceptive, I bet you would have a few too many children as well.

      Also, the entire myth of the missing black father false, and not true if you talk to or actually know these people. sure the father may not be around so much because they are working, or didn't want the kid, but plenty of impoverished white people do this as well,

    • Buy the way I had enough since to get my tubes tied after I had my two children because I knew we couldn't afford anymore and not to mention medical issues but that is another issue but I have Hurd way to many young black people say things about using the system to the fullest just because they can that's not to say that trashy white people don't either but look at the majority the sad part is they could learn to close their legs or stay married to just one man and only have his children and have that man go out and support his family that's how it should work but sadly no they act like we owe them something and we don't owe them anything the sad part is that old people who drawl ssdi and ssi that need food stamp and welfare get like 16 dollars a month when all these people who have a ton of babies buy this one and that one get 400 and 500 dollars a month and they never worked a day in their lives now how is that fair

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  • Because rednecks and other right-wingers want their 30 foot anti-negro flag to fly on the back of their truck and they're not about to let a bunch of "whiny, oversensitive liberals" take it from them even though the rebel flag manifested out of confederation that's sole objective was to keep slavery alive.

    • I just want to thank you for helping me not loose faith in the US right now... Really thought it would be split, but more against the flag than for...

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    • Ya, you would think it a fairly liberal site... sad indeed.

    • Well, I'm a northern republican and I hate The rebel flag.

  • You have a right to express yourself in America. ( the confederate flag wrong. It was a symbol of the Democratic Party, by the way... you missed that... people forget that these days...) So you can fly whatever flag you want. If you want to fly the Nazi standard, fly it. It is your right i America.

    • Well I knew that, minorities used to say vote Republican! That was Lincoln's party! It switched after FDR though.

      Okay, I could see that private property and such, but what about over state buildings? And public land?

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    • so if even 49% of citizens, in a direct vote, decided they found the flag offensive and it does not represent them, the flag should stay?

    • i dont know. It would be up to how the people in their district feel... . if they feel that 1% disagreement is too much than that is how it should be. It is up to THEM to decide, not you and I

  • Being hateful against blacks in the US is nowhere as bad as not backing up Netanyahu for more illegal wars. If you don't hate or want to kill brown people you are an anti-Semite.

  • You don't know shit about slavery and Nazis.

    • Enlighten me please.

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    • you're not educated. you're indoctrinated.

    • Oh, how so? I suppose you think all universities are bastions of liberal filth most likely... never mind universities in the UK or Germany like mine! gasp!

  • i agree with you