Girls, I'm from Canada and I am trying to figure out when is the best time to apply for my maternity benefits? I'm due October 2nd?

Hey, so this question would be more for people who live in Ontario since that's the province I'm living in. I'm due October 2nd but Im having difficulty trying to figure out when I should apply for maternity benefits because I heard that if you apply too early, that they won't give you the one year maternity benefits. So, has anyone ever applied and how did it go for you?


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  • I am on maternity leave right now and I worked until I was 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant. You don't apply for ei until your done work. You need to let your employer know at least 2weeks before you leave though. You should actually talk to your employer to ensure you do things right. They will probably need a doctor note with your expected last day of work.


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  • Never been preggers, but I live in Ontario and I just checked out a gov website and it said that you should be applying for your maternity benefits as soon as you stop working! It also says you can apply online or in a service Canada office.
    Hope all goes well, and congratulations! You're making life! That's freaking amazing and cool as balls!

  • I don't live in Canada bur I would say you should wait until you get to the time that it gets harder for you to work then you can go home and rest until the baby comes.

  • You guys have one year in Canada? What the hell! There's only a few months leave here in the states