What are some fixes you did to to your cooking?

I love iced coffee but its soo dam expensive and seems soo simple to make at home... after trial and error I've gotten it fine tuned a bit kinda like the store drink..

I used to make coffee, add ice to it and then add milk makes it super watery and there no space for the ice

Then I tried to add coffee then add milk then add ice.. still a bit better then still watery

Then I added coffee add milk put it in the fridge then add ice.. getting closer but there's never enought space for the milk

Then after years for trial and error I finally got it. I make the usual coffee but will less water with a smaller cup. then u take the bigger cup add the coffee add the milk put it in the freezer and becuase is a bigger cup there's plenty of room (even after adding the milk to the right color) for ice after the cup is freezeing cold. stil not quite as the store bought coffee cuz they use light cream ( like at mcdonalds) but for home drink its good enought for me..


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  • I used to help out for Thanksgiving, still do, so my job was to make the stuffing. I used to basically cut up french bread and kind of slightly soak it in chicken broth and bake it, add spices and cook vegetables like mushrooms, celery, etc and sautee them for the stuffing bread. And it was ok, but it wasn't anything special.
    So now I buy like the bread for the stuffing, its a better bread for stuffing and I do the same sautee veggie thing and then I actually put them with the stuffing bread into the oven, only I stuff it INSIDE the turkey when my dad goes to bake the turkey so it gets all the flavor. lol.
    And for mashed potatoes (also my job) I would just cut the potatoes and boil them and add milk and cream and it would get really stiff so now I peel, boil (w/o overcooking)
    then mash them over low heat so i dry them out then use a ricer to make them silky then add warm cream and butter, and i use like TONS of it, so it looks like soup but then I stir for like half an hour (literally) and they're super smooth :))

    • whats like the bread? is that a brand?

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    • so the brand name isn't "like the bread" its a stuffing mix.. and mixes tend to better and easier cuz the company put it together perfectly/..

    • Well ya but it tastes like homemade bread, its not that I liked it bc it was easier, I mean I don't mind the work, it was definitely way easier but it just absorbed the flavors really well and kept its moisture and just tasted way better overall.

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  • Had numerous experiences like this, Chinese recipes are very... Let's just say a lot of them looked like this.
    A few eggs, a lot of pork, a spoon full of cilantro, and you cook it together for a short while.
    I'm serious, no measurements, no time listed, not even cooking method sometimes! 😂

    Sometimes I remake a dish 4 times just because of the horrible writing...

    • I've been working on trying to copy the brown sauce in the chinese restruants but still no luck. i love lo mein and beef and broccoli

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    • Haha nah, If I were I'd probably speak less American slang, I'm actually Taiwanese, so we're pretty much as advanced as say Japan or Singapore

  • Apple pie
    Milkshake - (bought a blender)
    Hot chocolate (bought a hot choc/coffee machine)

  • I use espresso and cream ice-cream :P it turns out so cold, creamy and sweet


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  • Fix my cooking? Uhmmmm... the microwave?

    • that not really fixing it.. just using a microwave... i mean if u were cooking it by sticking it out in the sun yea i guess

  • Instead of burning down my house I just burn the food now so much improvement wahooooooooooooooo