Why is it always the best peopple that go through so much shlt?

I have an amazing bestfriend, and she has a boyfriend. They always fight and her boyfriend is one day happy, and the other day is really rude. Her boyfriend always think he's the only one in the world who has problems. A lot of people (including me) tell her to break up with him but she refuses. Yesterday, she said she'll break up with him because he's traveling to Canada for 2 years and his old phone is lost and he sold his laptop. Tomorrow he's leaving. She always comes to our house and tells me her problems with her boyfriend. I feel bad when she comes and her relationship is full of drama, and i feel awkward talking about ours (me and my boyfriend) because it's perfect.. i feel like i'm bragging when that's not my intention. This girl (my bestfriend's boyfriends ex her name is katie) He kissed katie yesterday and my best friend got really mad. He said he didn't kiss her and he gave her a hug. I have a feeling in my gut that he was lying. He's lied plenty in the past, what stops him from doing it now because my bestfriend bounces back everytime. Please help me urgent.


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  • Yeah well I don't have a girlfriend so my situation is worse.


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  • I think the best people can go through so much shit, as do even bad people, but the thins is the best people have the best time!
    So there's an up and down to everything, everyone has their bad days and bad experiences, God knows I have.
    You'll get through it :)

    • Yeah, i think we've all had a fair share of bad experiences. My worst is when i found out my mum and dad had kept it from me for a whole year that they broke up and he's moved on.. yeah, hit me hard only being 11 ish..

    • Mm I feel you, my parents decided to tell me I have an egg donor so i'm not related to my mom by blood when I was 14. And I look so much like my mom so I was really confused and in awe and wondered why they waited so long to tell me such an important thing. Sorry your parents divorced by the way, that must have been hard especially on an 11 year old.

  • Because their suffering is what made them such good people. Without suffering - your personality will be crap when you grow up.