Have you you noticed how many people on here don't answer questions directly?

A couple of days ago I asked if I look manly, and some people responded just saying that I look pissed in my pic or they did answer the question but to top it off mentioned that I looked mad or depressed in the pic. I never asked if I looked mad or sad in the pic. All I asked is if I look manly in the pic. So the the appropriate response is''In my opinion, I don't think you look manly''Or yes you do look manly'' That is the mature answer.


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  • They are trying to be positive.

    • Excuse me?

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    • People are too damn chicken?

    • You are chicken

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  • you seem annoyed mate

    • It is true actually. People often don't want to hurt a man's ego? i dunno

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    • What did you mean by the word''indifferent'' earlier? I am talking about how you feel in my situation and you responded that. I looked it up and there is many definitions. Is the definition you are referring to is''Not caring''?

    • yes exactly