What's one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to you?

In school I was tiny and I'd always get crowded by older girls saying "awww you're so cute" and they'd try to hug and kiss me and pinch my cheeks. So oneday I got ambushed by them and they all started kissing my face.
This was when I thought girls were "ew".

Afterwards I had to give a presentation about the life cycle of a star in front of the entire science department, after leaving my friend gave me her mirror and I had kisses all over my face.

Lipstick is so hard to wash off.
Not the most embarrassing but one of them.


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  • Posting a sex video online by accident...


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  • In primary school, we were in the playground and i was just standing there minding my own business and this one girl comes out from behind me and pulls down my trousers.

    • That's happened to me more than once!

    • Oh oops. Still, it was embarrassing, well at least that was my most embarrassing moment anyways

What Guys Said 3

  • My training pants and underwear being pulled down by a rugby tackle in a training
    session lots of folk about apart from team

  • One day at school, during 9th grade, a kid exposed the fact that we had roaches in our home, something I took great care to keep hidden. He yelled out, quite loudly, there's a fucking roach in here! and pretty much embarrassed the living hell out of me. Everyone kept making fun of me about it and I was always bullied since 5th grade, so it just made my little self-esteem boost from cross country shit down the toilet.

  • Once, at kung fu, we were doing situps as a class, and the instructor was walking around and standing on people's stomachs.

    I'd been suffering a bit of gastric distress that day, and I could feel... activity...

    Sure enough, he stood on my stomach, and I let rip with a gigantic fart heard by all!

    I can laugh about it now, but at the time I turned bright red with embarassment :D