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So, my dad is making me do summer math even though I got an A in my final grade. The questions has to do with backwards thinking and i took a photo of it but my app crashed so I don't know if it will show when I submit this question. So I'm going to type the whole thing. Keri bought a new pack of graph paper for math class. When she got to class and opened it up, three people asked her for some. She gave one quarter of the pack to Christopher. Alyson got one fourth of what was left. Then Mark took one third of the remainder. That left Keri with 36 sheets. How many sheets were in the pack of graph paper? If you can please explain how you got the answer. THANKS SO MUCCHHHHHH! Ps. I'm not 25... I'm 14 haha


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  • 1/4 went to Christopher, so 3/4 was remaining.
    1/4 of 3/4, or 3/16 went to Alyson, so 9/16 was remaining.
    1/3 of 9/16, or 3/16 went to Mark, so 6/16, or 3/8, was remaining.
    The 3/8 that remained was 36 sheets.
    Divide 36 sheets by 3/8 = 96 sheets.

    Check the answer:
    96 sheets - 1/4 (24 sheets) to Christopher, 72 sheets left.
    72 sheets - 1/4 (18 sheets) to Alyson, 54 sheets left.
    54 sheets - 1/3 (18 sheets) to Mark, 36 sheets remain.


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  • If you already got an A then you can work it out yourself can't you?

  • This would be easier if algebra was still fresh in my mind lol


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  • KERI 36
    MARK 18
    ALYSON 18
    CHRIS 24

    TOTAL 96

  • I am busy right now but here is the thing ,,, build a balanced equation and solve it.

  • Pro tip: learn to use Excel. You can do pretty much anything with Excel and basic expressions.