She wanted space but broke the no contact rule, would do I do?

when things ended behind us, I still wanted to be friends but she told me she needed some space. but a few days later I got a text from her, apologizing for the way she acted during out time together. It sounded like she was just venting rather than starting a convo. Should I just leave things the way they are or do I respond to her message?


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  • she probably has been thinking a lot during the no contact and had to get it off her chest.
    i would leave it alone and give her more time to think. if she does it again, then asnswer.


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  • I understand that that's confusing. But if I were to send a message like that I would hope that the guy responds to tell me that you either forgive me or you don't and then explain why. If she then continues the conversation I would say it's okay for you to talk to her, but only if that's what you want.


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  • She knows she's messed up and want you back