Im late to work can they fire me?

I thought I was off today (Wednesday) and I worked tommrow (Thursday). Anyway I wasn't prepared to work today and I went out of town. I checked my schduele to see if I work for the rest of the week. And it said I work today I'm like crap. And I couldn't get anyone to cover. and if I did go to Work I would get there al 3 hour late.

Its a part time job. But can they fires me for not coming in. I todl them I would try to find some one but I couldnt I started at 12 and its 12 30. I been working there for 2 years. And I haven't for a write up in a year

Never mind guys I got some one to cover whew.


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  • it'll happen if it happens often. if it's da 1st time happenin in 2 years then i don't see y they should fire u for just ONCE. they should be really stingy if they do


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  • if you have a good record I'm sure they would overlook this incident. but yes they can fire you for being late, depending on the business it can be reasonable cause for termination, but most businesses aren't extremely anal like that.

  • Sure they can. They can fire you for anything. Unless you are under contract, which only senior exec's are, you are an at will employee and can be fired for anything at all.