Careers and job help?

i have two choices. a dentist is more of a practical thing but i guess everybody has like a dream job an mines is to be a model. any idea on how i can become either one of these? i live in new york city so i have a large variety of schools to choose
careers and job help?

from an im not going into highschool into another year. i have a 92 average an i was wondering do i have to go to like a specialized high school? should i go to a specific collage? or even how many years of collage should i have? Please an thank you

by the way this is me an im 115 pounds an 5'4 but still growing


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  • Models begin their careers young but you must remember that the odds on you launching a successful career in modeling are extremely low. You would also need the support of your parents to do that before age 18.

    You are too young to be making career decisions. Your interests will change over time and what you think you want now is probably not what you will want five years from now. You should avoid doing anything that locks you into a specific career choice and you should pursue the things that truly interest you.

    The key to success is doing something that you love doing!


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  • Dentist is the best option as i think because to be a model you need some height and also from what i read it's difficult to get into that industry (but i am not saying its impossible).


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  • You could be a dentist. If you wanted to be a model - you would have to be around 5"11 and your chances of becoming a model without european facial features are very low.