Do you think chick/guy flick movies make people think more superficial?

I've just noticed that in guy flicks the average guy somehow gets the hot/smart girl and in chick flicks its the average girl gets the hot/smart guy... its almost like these movies want you to chase the hottest smartest person yet you can be average... What do you guys think?


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  • It's just Hollywood pandering to the lowest common denominator. Most people are average. They don't work out. They don't maintain their physique. They're lazy, and they're boring. If you make a movie with a hero or heroine who looks good, works out, is strong, fit, and smart, a lot of people can't relate. So instead of aspiring to be more like their hero or heroine, people instead wish that the stars would line up for someone like them so they have an excuse not to try. Why try when the galaxy will provide a miracle that makes you a hero out of thin air? This is why I hate prophecy type stories. Heroes are FORGED, they are not predicted of prophesied. If you don't work for it, you don't get to be cool. We've forgotten that as a society, and it's sad.


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  • yes absolutely and the world is turning into a shit pile.

    • Right! Its almost like its saying get that super hot girl that's perfect in every way and you don't have to change a thing about yourself... I feel like movies should start showing self empowerment... maybe make the guy/girl start average and then they work hard on themselves (study, gym) and at the end they don't need the hot guy/girl because they feel good about themselves

    • its ok reality makes the best of most people (the smart ones) over time, thats why teens are so cocky

  • your rght it's always like that

    • Yup its like some messed up ideology

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