How to deal with emotional, verbal & physical abuse from slightly mentally ill parent?

Before you say it: I can NOT call Social Services or anything. They'll either do nothing or place me in a orphanage where I'll die from starvation.

Look, I have dreams and a life standard I'm hoping to reach. I want to get some shit done before 18 too (I'm 14) and it all depends on this crazy bitch. She has always hit me since as long as I can remember and calls me names I'd much prefer to forget. Bitch has zero empathy, after what I went through all day (stepped into the school I took an oath not to step in for formal shit, got in the car where they smoke and acted like I'm the one with a problem when I told them to stop & gave me shit for crictizing their spoiled 7 yo daughter, couldn't find my friend at her home, entered cafe to wash my hands, had to walk to McDonals in this heat with soapy hands, had to wash hands 3 times, couldn't find a place to charge phone, broke down crying) she had the nerve to yell at me for crying over nothing. I was a fucking mess, I yelled at a fucking stray dog. She always does that. Hits me, calls me names for disagreeing with her and threatens me with violence even though she knows it doesn't work. I'm sure something's wrong with her brain because she can't understand the words I say and makes childish decisiens just out of stubbornness. Then she acts like nothing happened. How the hell I'm gonna put up with this shit.


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  • I am dealing with the same with thing with my parents and my dad convinced the legal system I'm mentally ill so they are not forcing me to live with this abusive monster against my will. I am waiting for him to die so I can inherit his money and live without harassment, abuse or violence.


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  • Do you have any close family? You say you won't call social services because you don't want to go into care, but that isn't the only option.
    I know you said that you don't want this answer but it is the only correct one.
    All your mother needs to do is throw you to the ground a certain way and that' it. Game Over.
    You NEED to contact social services if not the police. Otherwise you won't be able to achieve the dreams that you have


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  • you need to move out!