Why don't people who say that black men in general can only get fat ugly white women REALLY tell the truth instead of?

Trying to make it seem like these black guys you see with these fat unattractive white women are male supermodels or even average looking? TRUST ME if a black guy is with a fat ugly white woman, i can guarantee you 99.9% of the time its because THAT'S ALL HE CAN GET and if he could DO BETTER he would . Same goes for a white guy with a fat and/or ugly black woman (but for some reason, those pairings don't get as much attention or talked about as much as a black guy with a fat and/or ugly white woman). I've seen men of ALL RACES with fat ugly women... Non interracial and interracial.

Most people (not all ) who see their race dating interracially will always have some jealous remark to say like Black men who say a black girl is only with the white dude because of his money. Or Like when white men/black women who say the white girl the black guy has is ugly , I can guarantee that 98% of the time, its just jealousy and racism . Maybe 2% more like 0.1% of the time, they might honestly find her unattractive, but I'm pretty sure the black guy that's with the unattractive white girl isn't no better looking any way either. Bottomline attractive people can get other attractive people and they are going to go for other attractive people 99.9% of the time the other 0.1% of the time there's catch like the guy might have money and fame. Most famous guys, regardless of race, wouldn't have those women anyway if they didn't have the money and fame. (Do you think Hugh hefner is getting all of those women because of his looks and race? lol)


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  • thats not true!


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  • I don't think that's all black men can get but that's what you mostly see where I live..

    • But take a look at those black men you see with them? Do you think they would actually be with them if they could get better?

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    • Matter of fact, Let's say the black men you see with those women was walking down the street, by himself say you never seen him before, would you date him? Would you find him attractive?

    • No, I wouldn't because almost all of them aren't my type and are usually the skin tone I'm not attracted to anymore.

  • I've never heard that before.

    By the way it's not all about looks, it's about chemistry and personality. Just because someone's fat and/or ugly doesn't necessarily stop them from being an amazing person.


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  • and what do you think people will need of this amazing information.. you better keep it to yourself man..