What job should I have while I go to school?

I really don't like my job. It depresses me often and the hours are odd. It's pretty stressful when its busy because I'm all by myself. I work as a hotel "cook" for the free breakfast. And I'm stuck in a kitchen for 6 hours and I have to keep up with filling food for really ungrateful people. My coworkers and boss are fine and nice but I'm not friends with them and I don't really talk to them a lot because I'm pretty isolated. The hours are 5:30A-11:30A. They conflict with my boyfriends really bad because his work day starts exactly when mine ends so we only see each other at night. That's the basics of why I don't like it... But I don't know what else to do job wise. Like I have no idea what would pay at least $9/hr, not be in food service, and not depressing, and is something I'm capable of doing.

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  • I earn $8 per hour and if I do deliveries, I'd get more because of the tips. On weekends I could get a lot of tips, like $150. I usually only work on Thursday, Friday and the weekends. This is only my part time job lol I'm a full time student. 😂

    p/s : the currency I'm talking about refers to Australian dollars.


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  • Write some great article on ListVerse, you'll get $100, (they say so...).


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  • something that gives you really good tips