Does this style of living exist in your country?

I was inspired to ask this question by another question I answered. In Switzerland we have a style of living called "Wohngemeinschaft" or "WG" ("living community"). It's especially loved by young people (18 to early 30s) but some seniors also like it a lot. Basically a group of people who are usually not blood-related and not in a relationship (best friends, college buddies, former strangers) live together in one big apartment or a house (depending on how big the group is). Every person pays an equal share of the rent, which is usually something between 700-1500 dollars per month. For this they get their own, private bedroom and they share all other rooms (bathrooms, kitchen, living room, maybe garden etc.) with the other people they live together with. This way of living is liked a lot by people because it is cheaper than moving in with your girlfriend/boyfriend and MUCH cheaper than living on your own. Also, most people do it because they enjoy living together with other people. It's the perfect mix of always being able to have somebody around to watch TV with, cook dinner with or simply chat with, but also being able to go to your room and have your peace if you don't feel like interacting with anyone else. It's also a nice way of feeling as though you were living in a family - but without having any parents or siblings around that get on your nerves. All household chores are usually shared equally, so that one week you clean the kitchen and the next week you're job is vacuuming. Many seniors also like this style of living because they want to be independent and don't want to live in expensive retirment homes but at the same time, they want to be around other elderly people so they don't get lonely. Finally, what I also like a lot about WGs is that you can live in a place that you would never be able to live at otherwise. For example my parents used to live in a WG for over 15 years when they were young and they lived in an absolutely beautiful, 19th century mans


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  • nope not here.


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  • Yeah that sounds like fun! I think I would enjoy that if I ever lived like that.

  • That would be nice but no they don't have that in the US. People will put out ads looking for roommates or usually just find a friend from work or school to get an apartment with.


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  • it sounds fun and awesome, but i wouldn't trust starngers, and i dont have many friends
    i only have 2 friends i trust 100%
    oh and i guess 2 others, my roommates from last semester those guys were great so thats like 5 people including me

    Actually that sounds like a good idea
    i would like some females to, so maybe 5 girls and 5 guys, so 10 people all together!

    • Well, strangers are not strangers anymore if you get to know them :-). I mean, think about it, your roommates used to be strangers to you but then you got to know and like them. It's like that with this WG-lifestyle too. When people look for a free spot in a WG and they don't have any good friends to start their own one, they usually look for it in the newspaper or on notice boards at university (or they hear from a friend of a friend of a friend... that kind of thing). When they find a WG that is looking for one more person they usually contact them first by email or calling them and a little later they go there and visit them for a talk. During that talk they are shown the whole apartment/house and they are introduced to everyone who lives there. Then, during the talk the people who live there ask you a lot of questions and you can also ask them questions so everyone gets to know each other a bit and can decide whether the new person fits in there (this can be very trivial things,

    • for example you like to go clubbing on the weekends and you wonder whether it would bother them if you come home late at night and you're kinda drunk or if they are fine with that or perhaps you find out that they have two cats but you are allergic to cat hair etc.. After the talk, you go home again and the people of this WG get to think and discuss among themselves whether they want to accept you as a new member (and of course you can also think about whether you'd like to join them). Then you call them again or write emails with them and if everyone is happy and thinks you fit together, you can move in. So it's not like you just meet someone new and immediately start living together with them :-). I personally find it quite strange (but culturally also interesting) how little trust Americans seem to have towards other people (especially strangers. I've felt this very strongly also in the other answers I got here. I mean... strangers are also just normal people :-).

    • Thanks for the advice
      America is a very darwinistic kind of place
      Survival of the fittest, everyone for themselves kind of deal

      So we are programmed to think for ourself and not others

  • People are selfish here and you would always have someone behind on the rent or not doing there share of work, it's great concept but never works here, at least not where I am