Just had bad interview, have anyone else ever had a bad interview?

I just interviewed to be an executive assistant. There where 4 people interviewing me. I was beyond nervous. When one person finished asking a question, the next one did. I didn't have time to catch my breath. The the lady told me that I will have to travel and stay away for up to 2 weeks at a time. After she said that, I didn't won't the job.
Have anyone else had bad interviews before? If so share.


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  • I've had lots of them...


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  • I can think of two I've had that were absolute disasters. For the first one, I was unprepared. For the second, I was overconfident AND unprepared.


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  • I had lots of shit interviews. They happen!

    But hang on. 2 weeks away? What place is this? 2 weeks in hotels/motels/bnb's. No cleaning.. cooking.. Washing. . Ironing. .. moody husbands or teen boys.. 2 weeks? Heaven!

    • Ya but I'll be going away with an 74 year old woman... There's no fun in that

    • She will be in bed by 9. No issue. She might even be interesting. 😉