Got my first IB exam result-don't understand it?

I just got the result for the IB SL exam I took in philosophy this year. I got a 5 on the exam (63 points). I'm disappointed (I thought I had aced it and my teacher loved my IA). But honestly I'm not sure what it means to have gotten a 5? And also is the essay included in that? I got a 23/30 on my essay (which my teacher said was awesome) but doesn't that mean I must have failed my exam?


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  • How could you have failed your exam if you got a 5 and also, it was an SL course so I doubt the exam for that could have been too difficult in comparison to an HL exam for philosophy. Getting a 5 and above in an IB course is pretty good so don't be upset. Congrats yo.


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  • a 5 is slightly above average. And no not necessarily. the rest of the exam could be worth more that the essay.

    • ps where did you go to see your exam marks? Was is online because I don't know how to see mine

    • Yes it was on a website. My school provided me with the link & my password

  • 3 is barely passing and 5 means you passed it

    • But is that a good score? Will it hurt my chances of getting the DP next year?

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    • I was thinking of AP. Yeah a 5 is above average regardless of how they grade it. Good job

    • Thanks for the dislike dude

  • one can only wait and see