Are we ready for sincere, multilateral talk about race, or will it never happen?

There is a trailer for an upcoming documentary titled "White People", and people are crapping on it before even seeing it. I don't think it's white, black or other race voting it down. Just look at all the downvotes. I think across the board, people don't want anything to do with multilateral race talk. People are too used to race talk always leading to incindiary and racist rhetoric. No calm and rational race talk will ever be mainstream?
My guess is that the title and the trailer is to get attention (as if it's saying "poor white people", but I seriously doubt that's the conclusion) and it worked. People should only judge the substance after they see it.


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  • I honestly cannot wait until it comes out. I get to top up on white people tears

    • So you hate white people?

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    • @hellionthesage It makes it a lot more difficult to talk about race when people flip out like that and misinformation is spread but each side is as bad as each other. I once had a friend who started seeing me badly because I was posting stuff about racism on my tumblr and making a few harmless jokes about white people. She was quite vicious to say the least, when I said a white people joke out loud she started getting all defensive and eventually brought up that she found out one of my secrets and used that against me to shut me up. People go to savage lengths to keep the issue of race at bay.
      Yeah, I know that about the actual meaning of n**. It's sort of like the situation with the swastika.
      Holy crap.. are.. you okay?

    • Yeah, to be perfectly honest racisim is hilarious. Its funny that some people think that way, and its funny that people get offended by it. I actually accused my old coworkers of being racist because they refused to come up with any good white people insults, I mean why should I have to pull all the weight of racisim? I am also impressed that you know that about the swastika since so few people do. As for the last remark, yep. It was long ago and if you can't laugh at it then it has power over you. Plus I realized that him stabbing me in the head and actively trying to kill me was considerably worse in comparison to the discomfort of the molestation (also when you realize that molestation is purely physcological and is fueled more by your feelings about it rather then outside forces you realize its really nothing as weird as that seems). Thanks for your concern though.


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  • what do you mean when you say, "(as if it's saying "poor white people", but I seriously doubt that's the conclusion)"?

    • Some might have seen the trailer as appealing to sympathy for white people. I don't think it's about that, nor about condemnation. At least I'm hoping it isn't, but some people already made up their minds without seeing it.

    • Oh okay, I jus wanted to make sure I wasn't reading into that something that wasn't there. I think personally that there are plenty of things on both sides that need to be addressed and I do believe that fear of being racist prevents people (lets be honest, mostly whites) from speaking about it. I think its an issue that needs talking about and to be honest am suprised MTV of all networks is doing this. Should be interesting. I think every body will learn a lot from this.

  • The time of rational debate on race has long gone

  • "poor white ppl"? who ever reads it this way... i'm afraid he's a very ignorant person :(

  • I don't like things like this.