Creative and original gift for a teacher?

so here's the back story
when i was a kid i loved reading and when i got older i stopped being open about my love of reading and stopped reading all together to fit in. In my senior year of high school my English teacher assigned my class an assignment to find a very broad topic i picked technology and when she said we had to find a book on that topic i could not find a book at the library at my school so she said to go to the county library (and i did find a book) but when i was at the library something amazing happened i remembered how much i loved to read and how important it is to not care what people think and intelligence is a valuable asset to have now i go to the library regularly and a lot of the people who work there know me by name. i should send her a thank you card (at the very least). its not too late i am only a freshman in college

would a thank you card be enough? i sent a thank you card to a math teacher of mine who (this was one of the many things he did for me) wrote me a very good letter of recommendation and he seemed to appreciate it and it was a very long letter because i had to thank him for a lot of stuff and he wants me to write him another letter a year from now to tell him how my freshman year of college was


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  • the letter is fine.


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  • Yeah, a thank you card would be nice. Maybe draw a picture if you want as well.

  • Buy them a book related to their interests.