Nightmares about. Breaking up?

OK so I recently been having dreams about my boyfriend breaking up me and its constant. I also had dream where I was with another guy and I was having sex with him but I was trying to stop him and my boyfriend walked in on me making it look like I cheated on him. Then he had a similar dream just like mine qnd it was sooo weird. I don't know why I'm soo scared of this happening cause I have a great relationship with my boyfriend I would never cheat or do anything to hurt him. Am I crazy for thinking something terrible is going to happen between me and him? How can I stop stressing about these dreams? Should I talk to him about it cause when I told him about the cheating nightmare he just comfort me and I felt better. He was soo understanding.
But I'm scared to bring up the nightmare where I had dreamt many times about him breaking up with me. Its literally one of my biggest fears. I know this stupid to post a question like this on here but I have no one to really talk about this and need a friend even if its a stranger.


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  • You're just overthinking. Don't worry about it, just have fun and spend time with him, and overtime you'll forget about all these bad dreams.


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  • Just don't cheat on him its just a dream

    • I would never ever cheat on him