Why do I get jumped on for how I am?

I just found out that my grandma passed away this morning, and I didn't visit her much after she went to a nursing home-- she developed dementia. I was didn't want to see her like that. Some called me selfish because of this.
Anyway, my mom hung up on me because I wasn't showing any emotion toward this, got called cold. I have difficulty expressing emotions in certain situations ( funerals, etc), and I cry in private, away from people watching. She doesn't realize that everyone copes differently with death, etc. I always was a type that expresses emotion alone, or in writing.


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  • Everyone handles grief differently. They hypocrisy of calling someone's emotions inappropriate by reacting emotionally and inappropriately.


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  • Oh... i know it just tell her how you feel.
    Im same. I accidentaly almost killed someone and went emotion less in the corner and cried there instead. tell them you are kuuere