Will I look bad to him if I asked an old fling to borrow some money?

I know this sounds weird but its been really hard so far for me this month & I dont get any type of assistance from the gonverment. My mom doesn't have it & me & my dad lost touch years ago when i was a13. Anyway, I need cash until I get paid next Friday & im feeling really desprate. Me & this guy haven't talked in almost a month & I know he might be able to help me out. Should I ask him? I have like $50 to hold me until nxt week. Yea.. this is what people that actually work to make an honest living have to go through 😞


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  • I'm so sorry for you :( Don't worry, you'll get through it, even if it means dieting a bit. I hope you get the money. If you need help strategizing on what to eat, I could try and help. Reach out to your friends, start with this fling, its okay, it might hurt if they say no, but don't let your heart grow small from it.

    you take good care of yourself, and you are welcome to message me if you need my advice on how to strategize on a limited budget. You are my sister in humanity, and I wish I could help you :(


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  • It doesn't hurt to ask, the worst he can say is no. He may surprise you.

    • I just feel really weird asking him because we haven't talked. And im not worried about him using it against me because im gonna be able to pay him back next week when I get paid

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  • Desperate times call for desperate measures and really at a certain point, you can not literally afford to be to proud to beg. The worst he can say is no and since he's not a current fling, I would make it priority number one to pay him back so he has no hold over you. Good luck.

    • Should I text him & ask or call him?

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    • He didn't have it, I called him. Thanks everyone though

    • That totally sucks, but if you are in a pinch this week, definitely carpool with a friend, hit up the dollar store frozen food section to at least save on food. You can get some frozen dinners, cheaper milk and cereal, and some fruit and veggeis. They've come a long way.

  • Ask him worst he can do is refuse.