Can you somehow explain how your memorization works? How do you remember things?

So, I have Asperger's syndrome, and apparently it involves remembering things in visual pictures. It's hard to explain, but basically when I for example think of a moment in my childhood, I kind of like see it in my head as this a bit blurry slow motion image, And i just thought that's normal, but it's not? Is it in any way possible for you to explain what a normal memory is like? At all? I'm very curious.

So my question is more like do you SEE? Or do you just know something that happened or do you imagine how it must have happened or what?


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  • Memory works in small chunks, like breaking down things into smaller details.

    For that, you will need to improve vocabulary. So that you can associate things with just one word and then make acronyms of it.

    Like if i tell you to recall all your friends name. It won't be easy to recall all of them from 26 chunks (A-Z), but if you try to recall in smaller chunks, like recalling names chunk by chunk starting A and then B and so on, you can recall easily and efficiently.

    Another example is to use acronyms to remember stuff.

    For example, if there are three things to remember, make its acronyms.

    Like USA, which is actually 1) umbrella 2) snowfall and 3) Autumn

    The use of this USA acronym is that it forces your brain to break 26 chunks into 3 smaller chunks (total chunks are 26, as 26 alphabets), which are U S and A, and it helps you to recall easily those things you accociated with it.


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  • I can't explain it but I fucking hate how I only remember stupid insignificant shit that goes by.

  • Wait... That's not normal? I don't get the slow motion thing but everything else is pretty accurate
    (I'm also an aspi)

  • i don´t have a visual memory at all. i can just visualize memories in my dreams and then they aren´t even acurate. i just remember the gist of stuff.

  • people memorize things in different ways, so you are by no means "not normal".

    My memories are triggered mainly by smell which is really annoying as i sometimes get reminded of things from years ago, but i can't really pinpoint what tiggered it. take the other day for example, i was lying in bed and there was this smell which reminded of being a kid and playing resident evil 2, but I couldnt pinpoint the smell. its weird.


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  • I remember things that are
    a) related to me
    b) very interesting
    c) repeated over and over again
    d) make sense
    e) conceptual or theoretical

    I have difficulty remembering other things if they don't fit in these categories.