Have you noticed people of a higher class look down to people who are of lower class?

I live in London, the South to be exact.. People here are around middle class. I am lower-middle class.
The South is mainly middle, as well as the North.
The East is lower, that's where all of the gangs are and criminals.
The West is full of the rich people..

I was in London a few weeks ago, and I was in the West part. (Kensington and Chelsea)
I went into a McDonald's to get food and I saw a middle aged man and woman across the street scowling at me as I walked down the street to the doors. I could tell by the way they were looking they were judging me.
It really annoyed me, I literally felt like walking across the street and punching him.

I don't know if this applies to where you people live (mainly US). But the gap between rich and poor in London grows ever larger. The cost to live is going up and the wages are staying the same. What is my family supposed to do when we're losing money?

That and the goverment have raised tution fees up again.. So my friends who are as poor as me are gonna find life even harder when they start Uni. NHS is going privatized, so healthcare will now have to paid for, rather than taxed.
My generation have been f*cked over.. no jobs.. It annoys me. People only think about the present and not the future. Things need to get better, and at the moment; they're going nowhere.

  • Yes, posh people can be snobs.
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  • No, I'm a posh person. Sweep my chimney; you peasant.
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  • I don't know tbh, everyone where I am are equally rich/poor.
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  • It's not so much like this where I live. Though Switzerland has poor and rich people too, we don't have the real poor people. I mean... we don't have homeless people or beggars or gangs or anything like that. A poor person in Switzerland will still have his/her apartment and the basics they need to live. Of course this also has to do with the welfare state which is much more developed here than in Britain or the US. Also, what's different especially from Switzerland to America is that being humble and being secretive about your financial status are considered big virtues in Swiss culture. So, even if you're a millionaire in Switzerland, you don't brag with your money so much. There's even a saying we have that goes "you don't show money and you don't talk about money, you simply have it". So looking down on other people obviously happens less often too, because rich people don't act so posh. If it wasn't for the occasional gucci handbag or BMW car, it would be almost impossible to even tell the rich people apart from the middle class people. In America, this is quite different already because being rich is generally considered something very admirable in American culture. Hence, rich people love bragging about their wealth.
    In England, it also has a lot of historical reasons (as you probably know even better than myself). You can't expect to have a country with a 1000-year tradition of having an aristocracy suddenly change into a very equal society. However, politics is certainly an even bigger issue. And here, I have to say, I also feel that generally speaking, Americans and Brits got what they deserve. Of course there are also people who vote left who are not happy with how their country is functioning but who unfortunately compose a political minority. However, most people are - in my personal opinion - simply naive and stupid when it comes to politics. America is a great example for this. The conservatives have been telling the American people this fairy tale about the American dream for 100 years now and people still believe them. There's probably no other country in the world where people vote so consequently against their own interests. They vote for people who only and exclusively care about the banks, the big business and their own pockets. Everything else gets the hate-stamp "socialist". And why do people vote for these kinds of a-holes? Because they still believe that one day they will be billionaires themselves. All these people don't

    • want to understand that capitalism is like playing the lottery: anyone can become a millionaire - but NOT EVERYONE. Think about the taxes: What has Cameron done for the normal people in England in the past years? Nothing. He raised the tuition fees, he kisses the banks and big corporations' ass, he lowers taxes. Why did people reelect him? Because they were thinking "ONE DAY... I will be rich myself and of course I wouldn't want to pay high taxes THEN!" What they really voted for, however, is a life in misery. A life, in which they pay the lifestyle of the rich people. It's insane and silly at the same time. And America is even further in this development. In America, you can't even criticize this system anymore because if you do, it's automatically assumed that you're some dirty Stalinist who is about to destroy America.

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  • Yes, I've noticed that. I guess it's because rich people think they're superior and better than other people.
    I think that happens everywhere, not just in London.

  • yes I've noticed.


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  • oh yes, the UK is not in the condition it could be !
    You guys need to kick out all the illegal immigrants to make it better !

    I've been to London before and really loved it but I saw a homeless guy laying in front of a Starbucks willowing around in his own vomit and singing - he was probably drunk -while it was raining and a man wearing a suit went by and spit on the bum !

    I think whether you are being looked down to depends on how you're dressed in London. People in London are very well dressed , no comparison to Berlin in Germany, only people in Rome come close to Londoners.

  • Well I am middle class and we live in a good neighborhood right beside a rich neighborhood with really big nice houses and I've never had a problem with anybody around there and walk around there all the time. Nor do I look down upon those below middle class as I used to be part of the poor class and when I mean poor I mean living in a former crack house that had suicides and murders in it poor lol so I know what it's like I've been there, not fun.

  • Interesting.. I have no answer to your question because I haven't been there... Yet... But when I was reading what life is like in London and talking to my friend who has been to London there are a good amount of people who have said London is miserable and depressing.. One of the reasons is that of you said. My friend told me that even at the poorer side you would see some of these expensive cars and flaunting them kinda like making the average waged people feel bad.

  • I'd have put "higher class" and "lower class" in inverted commas as they are just opinions.

    Remember that by definition the only people who might have a case for considering themselves superior are too intelligent to exercise it.

    A lot of the "upper class" are just balloons looking for a pin. The more arrogant you are the longer the queue of people just itching to stab you, or at least stick a spanner in your works.

    Do you *have* to live there?

    • I don't have a choice.. no money to go elsewhere. I can't even find a job, let along anything else.

    • So much for the recovering economy.

      Good luck though.

  • Not in the slightest. They live their world, I live mine.

  • I wouldn't say they look down on them. The US isn't like the UK, of course. But there is a bit of separation here. That being said people with money socialize with the working class people frequently.

  • its like that all over the world even worse in developing countries take china for example people not eating for days and some are multi billionaires