What's up with the rivalry between Houston and Dallas? Can't we all just get along?

I've lived in Houston forever, and I have an aunt that lives in Dallas. Let me tell you, on the surface everyone is cool, but just beneath that surface is what seems to be a never ending rivalry between the two cities. When did this start? Why does one have to be better then the other? Can't we all just get along? Is one really better than the other? Why?

  • Houston is better
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  • Dallas is better
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  • The two cities are equal
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  • No one really cares about the "rivalry" any more
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  • both are equal.


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  • As a Texan who doesn't live in either city, some friendly competition is always cool, but my general perception is that Dallas is better. I despise downtown Houston traffic with a passion! It is like Austin during rush hour.

    I always think of Houston as a nice place for opportunity and for a job, but kind of dirty and full of car fumes.


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