What would you do if you become boy/girl when you wake up?

So people, you wake up and you see your gender changed and you become a man/woman what would you do? What will be the first thing you'll try?


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  • Celebrate! Pee with my new penis, maybe try to be artistic with it. See how well I can aim. Flirt with a lot of beautiful girls. Sit with my legs spread open as wide as I can on public transport and not give a shit if this places my crotch directly in another person's line of sight. Make a lot of jokes that everybody thinks are too crude to be funny coming from a girl. Swear a whole lot more. Oh, and I'd definitely try to fit sex and masturbation in as well.

    • wouldn't it be different in the sex part? Once you were taking in and now you are putting in :D

    • True, the sex part would definitely be interesting but I think that's the part I have the least Trouble imagining in my mind.. peeing, on the other Hand... but in General, I'd be more interested in how a sex Change would affect how People react to you and treat you.

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  • go to the dr to find out what happened.

  • I'd probably try to jack off tbh.

    • I would try fingering myself and I'll try to find out how orgasm feels like lol

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