Who would you like to become?

I want to become a man who is strong willed, romantic, ambitious, and successful
I also want to be the type of man who is irresistible to the ladies and admired by my fellow man, i went to set an example for other men to follow and better not only myself but the people aound me

Also, if i had to choose a celbritity to emulate it would be Marc Anthony


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  • I want to become a strong man in the inside, 100% confident, with strong will and ambitious.
    I wanna be an example for my future kids, I want them to look at me and say "I wanna be like daddy when I grow up." I wanna be the type of man who his wife can rely on without a doubt, someone who she'll truly "love" cause she knows how much he "loves" her.
    I wanna be the dad who my kid's friends think I'm fun and awesome, the father that single mothers would dream of, and the man that every night he goes to sleep, he kisses his kids and his wife and turns off the lights with a huge smile on his face.

    That's the man I want to be.


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  • I want to be like my mum and like the wives of my Prophet

    -I want to be a strong, independent and selfless woman like my mum is
    -I want to be a wife who stands by her husband in any adversity like Khadija (RadiAllahuAnha) who whilst being educated and wealthy stood by her husband throughout her lifetime

    • and I also want to be like Fatima (RadiAllahuAnha - my Prophet's daughter) and follow her example on being a good daughter to my dad.

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    • @TheGrumpyCat thankyou! :D a compliment from the Grumpy cat wow :p

    • Grumpy cat is not a Adolf Hitler after all.

  • I want to be someone who inspires others to be good by actions, not by preaching.

  • Beyoncé

    1.- Perfect XD

    Nah, I'm kidding, actually I want to be a combination lol

    P! nk (attiude) Beyoncé (body) Marina and the Diamonds (attitude) Emma Watson (heart) Frida Kahlo (spirit) Lady Gaga (craziness) J. K Rowling (brain) XD

    • That sounds like perfection... Except for Beyoncé she is soooo overrated

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    • Beyoncé is alright...
      I never understood all the hype!

    • Oh well, I understand it.. That ass, those boobs, those super amazing legs, her sexy lips, her arms (in perfect shape), those unbelievable hips, her tiny waist. I just love her man...

      www.beyoncenow.net/.../...-de-Beyonc%C3%A9-510.jpg Just look at her...

      Oh, and I want Christina Aguilera's voice XD

  • I want to be strong, emotionally and physically both..
    I want to understand how everyone feels..
    I want to be fearless and calm..
    Well.. That's all :D
    For now..

  • I wanna become a happy person :)

  • I would like to become a strong, confident, financially independant and sexually attractive woman like someone like Jennifer Lopez or Madonna. I would love to be somone a guy would feel lucky to have not embarassed to have.


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  • I'll tell you a funny thing. I never particularly had a problem attracting women, though I've never really been able to figure out why, but I found they really went something like crazy for me when I really, truly stopped caring at all whether they were interested in me or not. When I stopped wanting to be "irresistible" (though I never wanted to be that, mildly attractive was the height of my ambition) I became irresistible.

    • I've seen that happen a lot.. When you aren't 'available' girls want you then..

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    • Damn bro... i need the calmness, i am hyper active and assertive/aggressive
      and in social settings i am always anxious, i guess experience on how to control myself and remain calm will come with experience and age, thanks for the awesome advice!

    • @asker : listen to tromba's advice and I can guarantee that you will succeed!!

  • Bruce Lee


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  • I just want to be a better version of me...
    Sure others can copy me its not like I'm trademark protected