Seeing videos of Ghosts moving furniture and stuff... Oooo paranormal, but Why The F?

I'm just looking at it like: why are you doing this? really?

If you can move objects, why can't you just 'move' the keyboard of a computer and TYPE SOMETHING to get your message across? Scary prank mofos of the otherworld


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  • well here's the thing about ghosts, most ghosts are bound to this world by attachments which are formed by their memories, but after a long time their memories start to diminish and fragment, so they no longer know why they are where they are, and thus become phantoms (which are capable of possessing people), after long enough they lose all memory and personality and they either turn into one of two things, specters if they no longer have motive, and poltergeists if they do, some poltergeists are powerful enough to regain parts of their memory through the aether, but most dont and wander around causes all sorts of mischief, those that do remember either try to get their message across by finding a medium or by possessing objects, those with ill intentions however turn into vengeful spirits (dangerous since they still have poltergeist abilities), they can turn from brooding over vengeful or depressing memories, fall into despair and descend into chaos, and they lose their link to ascend, so they become bound by powerful curses which they often inflict upon themselves, most poltergeists are playful and want to be noticed or have company and some actually have purpose, but the few fallen ones are evil beyond measure, just as man is capable of such evil, they are as well

    • my old home was a place for a number of ghosts, there was a young lady there who always liked to play, half her face was covered in blood and time was warped around it, burn marks were appearing and disappearing, and when she gets shooed away she catches fire and disappears, only to reappear again later, another spirit was of a baby with a freakishly large jaw full of spine-like teeth, and all it did was walk in the cardboard wood ceiling upside down and scorching the ceiling black with its footprints and it would sometimes pause and look straight at us, the last ghosts we saw there was our grandparents, they appeared almost alive so i assume they were already poltergeists, both of them greeted me and my little brother and we blessed them (a Filipino culture, holding an elders hand and touching it against our forehead), they wished us merry Christmas and gave us 2 big Christmas presents through the window (the were outside on the 2nd floor window), -

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    • Guess this generation will have lotsa media spirits :p

    • yeah lol, off to show their skill to the older spirits xD


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  • Yes i believe in that stuff that is what i think could be poltergeist
    my late great grandma's house was haunted by her ghost she was
    born in Czechoslovakia.

  • suspense, idiocy, ridiculousness,
    shitty horror, countless reasons here

    • Hahaha like, You want this guy to help you find the murderer who killed you... Why the f would you scare this guy xD

    • right?
      never-ending stupidity

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  • They actually do that too... They type stuff on the keyboards too

  • Well, in my house. The one I grew up in. It is very old. There were people killed there (old house, nothing special about it) and sometimes things happened there. Windows shut (these are not windows like i a modern home, they are quite large), sometimes the furniture would be moved (large furniture), and most often you would come into a room and there would be all of your things on the floor. The housekeeper hadn't done that, no one else had. It was odd

    • Sure is :o
      My question is just.. why

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    • You are assuming that they can communicate and hold things. I think that they can with a lot of effort move things but not in a controlled way. I doubt that they always are aware. There are only occasional occurences. Like they become aware at times

    • It's just that I always wondered why... Like if they can move doors
      moving a pen shouldn't be hard
      or pressing keys :o