Why do men/women must drink so heavily?

I seriously don't understand why some men/women must drink so heavily till the point of pure stupidity. I got drunk before, but it wouldn't be so drunk till the point of becoming obnoxiously loud and talking nonsense at your best friend, friend, waitress, or whoever is around at that time.

They would even dare to make contradicting excuses how I should ignore them and that they were not serious about the things they said. But when they are sober, these exact same people would agree that drinking brings out the real side of their being.

Seriously, I don't drink so I don't understand why, perhaps some of you who do drink regular could enlighten me.


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  • Drinking heavily on occasion is actually really fun. I really dont do it often, but I'd say I drink heavily at least once every 3-4 months. My definition of drinking heavily is having more than 3 drinks per hour (though my max is usually 9 servings in a whole night). BUT I will admit that I'm very lucky and have only ever thrown up from drinking once in my entire life. Hangovers are also pretty rare for me.

    Then again, I'm a very cheap drunk. I get tipsy off two drinks and drunk off three :P

    To answer your question, when I do drink heavily I do it because I always have the most fun after several drinks.


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  • Depends on a person. I drink heavily when I am hurt.
    I can't say it helps, but it kinda makes u not exist for a moment.
    So, it seems, i dont drink when im happy or partying, u see?

  • could be depression


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't either. Most of the people I've cut out of my life were very heavy drinkers. Most of them were simply unhappy with how their life turned out or had other substance abuse issues. I have no time or patience for that nonsense anymore.