What to write for a head girl speech?


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  • Hello. I have been at this school for the same period of time as you, nearly 4 full academic years now, and I have seen Leadership teams old and new, go by as I have been learning through this school. It has seemed a job to admire, as whoever gets into the Leadership team gets a proper say in how things are run. I have seen problems occur in school, and I have seen problems disappear thanks to the Leadership team. This is the reason I want to be Head Girl.

    I want to have the power where I can physically make a difference in how things are run. I want to be ‘behind the scenes’, and see how things are organised, and also be involved in this. I want to improve the qualities and skills I possess at the moment, and become a better person overall.

    But, there’s one more thing: I want to get the best out of all of you. I have seen happiness and sadness over my 4 years, and I want to change the negatives into positives. I want to leave the school in a year’s time, knowing that I have done something to change this school for the better. If I can do that, then I will be happy. Thank you for listening, and please vote me for Head Girl.


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  • "Hi, I'm head girl... So yeah... Let's fuck shit up."

  • Head girl hahaha

  • Head girl of what?

    • My school

    • Write something like we are the future, what we do and say will shape our future, with racism, global warming and fighting going on all over the world. Lets be the ones to fix these problems rather then create more of them, blah blah blah. Just end it with warm and fuzzy! Nobody wants to finish with a negative. I know u are stressed out about having to do this, u will be fine good luck😊☺😉

    • Awh thanks a lot :D hahaa