Have you heard of the deep web?

Apparently, the deep web is basically a sink hole including products from the world's most vile, disturbed, sociopathic, psychopathic, malicious, predatory individuals on this planet. This place includes videos of animal cruelty, torture, deprivation, rape, bestiality, and I don't even want to know what else! I stumbled upon this unknown world via YouTube with my bowl if ice-cream and search for creepypasta stories to listen to. Some people have shared encounters of genuis hackers gathering seriously sensitive information such as their name and address along with being able to hack their credit card numbers through their keyboard. It's literately a lunatic's playground or so it seems. There's a Youtube user by the name of Takedownman who constructs videos warning people about this place and discouraging young people from exploring because there are legitimate crazed individuals who need to be institutionalized yet are free to destroy lives with the tool that is the internet. HE AND VARIOUS OTHERS ENCOURAGE YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. Not only does it contain disturbing videos that you will probably never forget, but there are psychopaths just waiting to hack your computer and terrorize you. Apparently, there's also some truth to the idea of 'red rooms'. If you've ever seen the movie 'Hostel', you will know that a red room is a place where people pay up to thousands to orchestrate or participate in the torture and murder of an innocent, kidnapped human being. There is a story of an Austrailian pedophile named Peter Skully who used the deep web to run a business showing videos of THREE LITTLE GIRLS being raped, tortured, and strangled to death.
Really makes you question the world you know...

So glad I was trained in weaponry. It's sad that we live in a world where heightened awareness of humanity can make you paranoid :/ but it's better to be prepared than to be defenseless.
Have you heard of this insanity? Do you have any pe

Do you have any personal stories?
This post is more of a warning to everyone. Be realistic about the fact that you are exposed to the general public in ways you wouldn't be had you simply left the house and stepped into your local area. As amazing and resourceful as the internet can be, it is a playground for some sadistic, disgusting, vile predators who are defined as sociopaths and psychopaths.
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  • I watch TakeDownMan too! UGH! It sickens me what Scully did! I do not plan on visiting the deep web, even out of curiosity. I don't know if you saw his recent video about Dafu Love? I broke into tears.

    • omgggggggggggggg me too man, that dude is cool! lol he's gonna have fans meeting on Thursday. too bad i live in norway :/

    • Oh yeah! I wish I was old enough. I would get a plane ticket and go to the meetup lol although... I would be paranoid. Deep web user, who is probably known by many users of the deep web now. All it takes is some dude with binoculars and pics or some stalkers to track everyone down. Oh god. I am paranoid now. I hope everyone who goes will be safe lol

    • lol ahhah yh


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  • I use the deep web frequently for nothing that is illegal though. It isn't all bad. There are some bad sites on there but just like there is on the regular internet. There are unfiltered WikiLeaks on there. If it was on the regular internet you can probably find it archived somewhere on the deep web. It is very useful when conducting research and it is very easy to access. It's bad but not as bad as people try to make it out to be.

    • I was just about to tag you like "man isn't that/this the stuff you were talking about that 1 time?" LOL

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    • Asker the topic was changed already before your update it is no longer under sexual behavior

    • you should have #trolled them via giving them a fake #URL... #TrolllNtoll

  • Yeah, I used to use it to order drugs online, which obviously you can't do on the regular web.
    You're not going to find anything bad on there unless you go looking for it. Use the hidden wiki to navigate through the different websites and see if you can find something interesting. A lot of people use it for archives and forums. Not that big a deal.

  • As a person that deals with internet serach engines i have found out that the truth about the deepweb is still a taboo topic among the general public.
    Yes the deepweb is a very scary place especially if you have no experience and ways to counter attack. Also the deepweb is extremely dificult to browse if you have no real experience, mostly as the deepweb uses codes to access certain sites.

    Ons thing i can say is do not be ignorant concerning the deepweb but also do not go play around in the lionsden if you do not know the the way around a hungry lion.

  • Sounds creepy :O and superstitious

  • Yeah, used to order off SR.

  • yes and i know a lot about it. rip silk

  • lol yep asked this question b4 :)

  • yes I tried and actually you can get everything from hitman to fake ids to live cameras ( in shops hacked everywhere... it's shocking that we have so many cameras...) so you can watch and so on.


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