What are the things that you hate about your government of your country?

I'm American. There are PLENTY of things that I hate or dislike about my government. Here are the following (not necessarily in particular order) -

1) They're very dishonest about their purposes serving as politicians, law enforcements and so on.
2) The way they treat our military service members by ordering them into doing unspeakable things and then later throw them under the bus once these military veterans' contracts expire with their service to the government and the country.
3) How they have two of the main political parties who are nothing but full of morons who constantly throw personal attacks at each other and serve in politics strictly for themselves rather than workout their differences and do what's best for American citizens.
4) The way they've contradicted my beloved country (as a free country) a few times by making attempts of violating the US Constitution against their own citizens.
5) How they order our military to invade a few other countries that actually wanted nothing to do with us, only to gain something valuable to them (US gov't) at the expense of some of the innocent civilians of that foreign country.

(And that's all I can think of at the moment)


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  • The fact that the government cares more about lining its pockets from agriculture and pharmaceutical lobbyists than it does actually protecting the citizens.

    GMO food, high fructose corn syrup, hormones, pesticides... Our food supply is poisoned, and the FDA turns a blind eye because of profit.

    • The FDA almost shut down the US cherry farming industry when farmers put health testimonials on their websites. They threatened to treat cherries as an "unapproved drug" if the farmers didn't stop making claims. The family farmers would have been raided by swat teams in the middle of the night and held at gunpoint while the agents destroyed the "drugs."


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  • hah im in america too and i agree!


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  • I don't vote, never have and never will, and understand that regardless the government is going to be pretty shite. That's just the reality of it. So nah.

  • David Cameron is a cunt. Snm.

  • What you are complaining about is really bureaucracy. The larger a bureaucracy, the more it serves the purposes of the individuals in it and the less it does what it was set up to do. The reason for this is to rise in a bureaucracy you must above all avoid blame. You need not accomplish anything constructive as long as you avoid blame you will gain power and influence. Government is supposed to keep bureaucracy in check but as bureaucracy has expanded government has been co-opted