Are Economics Honnors and Governement Honnors Easy Classes?

So I arrived to study in America last year... An I didn't take either of this classes during my Junior Year...
I'm therefor going to have to take both this coming year to graduate... I wanted to know what did you think of those classes and if they were things to worry about or not... Cause I had a REALLY good Junior year and I want to make sure to pass my classes next year without problems


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  • I was required to take Government class for senior year. It was awful. I was almost bored to tears! And unlike my experience, I hope your teacher lets you do some projects or essays that feel like they're worth your time.

    Personally, I thought my school's economics class was alright - you're referring to Home Economics, right? If not, then good luck!

    • Yea that's what I'm referring to...
      But I mean what about the grades as a whole... His it an easy pass then... I you're bored?

    • Home Economics was fine. The teacher's instructions were easy to understand, so I thought that may be a good class.
      Government, on the other hand, was difficult. It was boring partially because the teacher's voice was decpetionally soothing - you could quite literally fall asleep. The topics discussed didn't seem relevent, either. It felt like the teacher shoved down our throats all the information about the state of the economy and other varying degrees of politics, and expect us to spit it out perfectly on the finals exams. I passed the class, though.
      I do wish you the best of luck!


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  • In my experience government is just a current events class and economics is super easy since it's basically intro to microeconomics. They're both pretty easy.

  • not easy at all.

    • Oh crap... Already wasn't too excited about going into it... Now it's even better :(

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  • Economics honours can be really hard. It may require you to have strong basics in analytical skills and math. Theory part of economics would be relatively easier though.