Why is there going to be a woman on the $10 bill in 2020?

I mean really? Money is reserved for people of ENORMOUS achievement. Is there really a single female in the history of the US who is the equal or better than Alexander Hamilton? It's the truth... but hey, let's be PC.


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  • I'm not at all bothered that they would honor a woman in this way but it's kind of disturbing they announced they are just going to find a woman and stick her on. It's like awarding the medal of honor to people based on a curve.

    Well, nobody did anything very heroic in this war so we're giving this medal to the guy who did the best job.

    I do not doubt women have not been able to achieve greatness because they have been prevented by circumstances and animus. That given the opportunity there were women who could have done great things for the country but by that logic we should be honoring ordinary people at random. Put Joe Bloggs on the dollar because if he'd had the opportunity he'd have been the greatest president in the history of the republic!


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  • I mean, yeah. Just because a woman wasn't a found father doesn't mean she hasn't made an equal achievment. Politics aren't the end all, be all

  • Harriet Tubman


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