Is this girl another cat fish or what? Do you know her?

er username is sarahh or something she keep sending messages to girls ask them the same questions every time.
1- where are you from?
2- how did you joined to the site?
3- what got you here?
4- what's your name?
and when you ask her those questions she didn't answer. Besides she was lying and tell us the same story since 2 years. I talked to her once then I asked all my female friends to join me here and I was right she asked and told them the same damn story again. Besides she's following over than 176 girls and three males. Have you talked to her before?


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  • not the name sarah... but i get many msgs from weird girls... like there was this girl... recently.. who really wanted me to like lesbian porn.. i said i don't.. and she just kept on sending msgs to convince to somehow to like it and watch it... i don't know why... even though i told her i m straight..

    • This is really weird.

    • yeah... lol... i have weirder stories... :D this used to upset me when i was new.. but now i just don't care...


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  • I haven't talked to her but she does sound like a catfish, I've been catfished on here, the girl and I dated for almost 3 months and then we broke up and a few weeks later I found out that she was a fake. The catfish girl said she did it so I would love her.

    • Oh my god she's horrible

    • I know! I was super depressed for about 2 weeks after I found out, I almost started cutting too. But I didn't luckily.

  • I'm a catfish meowww


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  • Tbh, I get too many pm's to ever remember.