If there was such terms that existed called '3rd world cities" or "3rd world states" in the US, which cities or states would you consider a 3rd world?

Since we have terms like "3rd world countries" that applies to countries with severe poverty, high crime, high violence and just an oppressive place in general, imagine if there was such classification terms like "3rd world cities" or "3rd world states" applying to US cities and states.

Now if I would to consider any US cities as 3rd world cities, it would be Oakland (California), Chicago and Detroit. For 3rd world US states, it would be California, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee.


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  • Not American, but
    Cities: Detroit, Vancouver
    States: Majority of the south, Michigan, Washington State

  • Lol California is not a "3rd world state". Are you kidding me?

    • At least certain parts of it, it kind of is if you consider Oakland and many lower class neighborhoods of LA or the cities in California that are border towns where the Drug Cartels from Mexico occasionally come through (even though they usually cross throught the Arizona and Texas borders). Then again, California is a very large state.

    • Yeah, certain cities. But as a whole, it's not.

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  • Chicago, East St. Louis, and Detroit are the first I would think of.